Which stand for Very Important Posts.

This blog has become much bigger than I’d ever imagined, so I thought it might be a good idea to place some of my more informative posts on one page so that new visitors to the blog don’t have to fight to find them.

My Personal Journey

History and diagnosis
How I made a partial recovery
My Cognitive Dysfunction
My battle with Insomnia

History and diagnosis
My stretchy skin: including photos
My hand issues: including photos
My eye issues
The Splints & Braces I use for my joints

Histamine Intolerance & Mast Cell Activation Disorder:
Diagnosis part 1 (NHS)
Diagnosis part 2 (private)
Diagnosis part 3 (private)
My drug Reactions
Other Reactions & Anaphylaxis
Post Reaction Stress Disorder: why I will never try anything you suggest, even if it’s helped you!
My chronic MCAD symptoms & triggers

Test Results
Is it curable?:  my thoughts on the prognosis for my 3 diseases.
Have you tried….?: some of the drugs, supplements and therapies I’ve tried over the years.
‘Psychiatric’ Symptoms
Gastrointestinal Symptoms


The Truth About Food Lists: my thoughts on the accuracy of low histamine food lists.

To Eat or Not to Eat: how I decided which controversial foods to eat, or not to eat.

Is Wheat the Devil?: the demonization of the humble wheat grain.

Anti-inflammatory diets: are they all they’re made out to be?

It’s food, but not as we know it: what’s really in the food we eat?

Luteolin & Quercetin: table of the foods highest in these anti-histamine flavanoids

S.A.D (Standard American Diet): my previous diet is not why I’m sick!

Mast Cell Disease

“Do I have a histamine problem?”: this post outlines my answer to a common question asked by my readers.

Dr Seneviratne Lecture 2015: brief summary

The Canary: a rather technical research post on mast cells and how they might be implicated in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

The Canary Q&A: some follow-up questions on mast cells and their role in M.E.

2017: What I’ve learned so far

Histamine Intolerance

HIT: Info from Dr Joneja

HIT: DAO & Peashoots

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

The Bladder & GI Tract

Multi-faceted EDS: the stretchy bits that don’t appear in textbooks.

Hormones & EDS: how puberty & menopause can affect EDS

Proprioception: why we tend to be clumsy!


Chronic Fatigue is not M.E.

My Immune System & M.E.

Exercise & M.E.

Living With ME: a very real, beautifully written and descriptive post written by a fellow ME sufferer.


Love: the impact my illnesses have had on my romantic life.

Friendship: finding, keeping and losing friends when you’re sick.

Love & Loss


M.E. v EDS v POTS: the similarities, and differences, between the diseases from which I suffer and their overlap with mast cell disease.

Spirituality: this, for some reason, has been one of my most popular posts – I’ve no idea why because it’s basically just me ranting and not being in any way spiritual 😉

Thoughts on Suicide: I am honest in this post about this issue, so please don’t read if you think you will find the topic upsetting or it goes against your religious beliefs.

Show me the real you:  how should the public treat us when we wear a mask to the world?

The Reality of Chronic Illness


Life is Messy: we don’t all “beat” our diseases which doesn’t mean we’ve flunked as a sick person!

10 things not to say to this sick person!


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