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Symptom photos

This is just a quick post to say that I’ve added two new pages to my blog.  I’ve used various photos of the symptoms of my diseases over the years in lots of different blog posts, so thought it was time they were all put together in one place.  They can now be found under the ‘My Story’ menu heading.

Photos of hEDS symptoms here:   https://mastcellblog.wordpress.com/journey/edsphotos/

Phots of MCAD symptoms here:   https://mastcellblog.wordpress.com/journey/mcadphotos/

I haven’t included any photos of M.E. because there is basically nothing to see 😦  Plus I don’t like having my face online because there are some very strange people out there who illegally  download pictures without my permission and they could end up anywhere for any reason.

Must dash, my cleaner is due shortly and I need to tidy up because my house is so messy it looks like I’ve been burgled 😉