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Weekly roundup

This week started on a low but has ended on a high ūüôā

Monday I had my 4th root canal treatment in six weeks and I’m still not done.¬† I asked my Dentist to use less Lidocaine because after my last treatment I had a huge increase in my skippy heartbeats and felt really rough for the rest of the day.¬† I thought being as though I’d had the nerve removed from the tooth the treatment couldn’t possibly hurt, so less lidocaine would be fine.¬† Hmmmm, think again.¬†¬† Two of the roots are clear but the third is still infected and having the infection scraped out hurt like hell.¬† The good news is I felt fine afterwards though, so the few minutes of pain was worth it.¬† I’ve now got my 5th temporary antibiotic dressing packed into the root and have to go back next week.¬† Got to be honest, I’m fed up to the back teeth (no pun intended!) of the whole thing.

A friend of mine is currently in hospital and has similar blood blisters to me.¬† She asked her¬†Photo of Campbell de Morgan Consultant about them and they are Campbell de Morgan spots, very common, totally benign and nothing to worry about.¬† So that’s reassuring and one more mystery solved ūüôā .

I still have hives on my backside.¬† They’ve been ongoing now for about 6 weeks and have taken up new lodgings in the crack between my butt cheeks which they’ve never done before. I should start charging them rent ūüėȬ† The Birch pollen season has ended so I’m obviously reacting to something unknown.¬† I can tell my mast cells are twitchy because my bowel habits have gone down the toilet (no pun intended there either!).¬† Since going low histamine my life-long sluggish bowel has improved greatly and I now usually have a bowel movement every morning after breakfast.¬† But the past month this has gone haywire and I’m back to only pooping every 2-3 days and having to strain.¬† Consequently I feel bloated and a bit nauseous.¬† There is a definite correlation for me between how badly behaved my mast cells are and the health of my bowel movements – weird but not unsurprising considering the bowel is packed with mast cells.

Last year I was bitten alive by bugs every time I stepped out of my front door.¬† I’m wary about using regular insect sprays which contain pesticides like Deet due to my chemical reactions and just loathe the smell of Citronella, eugh!¬† Someone told me about Incognito, a totally natural insect repellent which uses eucalyptus maculata citriodora as its active ingredient.¬† It’s expensive for a tiny bottle, and to be honest I really didn’t think it would work, but I gave it a go anyway.¬† It’s brilliant stuff although it does have a very strong scent. I’ve been out in my garden, walking in woods and long grass when out with Bertie and I’ve not had a single bite, yayyy! Plus it’s effective against ticks and mosquitos.¬† Available online, or from Holland & Barret and selected Waitrose stores.

Another thing I’ve discovered and love is Hay Max hayfever balm, another totally natural and organic product.¬† It’s a vaseline based gel that you smear inside your nose, which traps pollen and stops it entering your respiratory system.¬† I can walk in woodland using this and not come back sneezing my head off ūüôā¬† Widely available but I get mine from Boots.

The sun decided to shine on Wednesday and Thursday and I usually feel much better in nice weather.¬† I know I’m unusual in this respect, because most POTS, M.E. and MCAD patients feel rotten in hot weather or bright¬† sunshine, but it always makes me feel like a new woman (so long as it’s not roasting or too humid – a gentle dry heat of 19-23C is optimum for me).¬† My pain is greatly reduced and I usually have tons more energy.¬† The only downside is that I also feel a bit wired and my sleep goes awol (I got about 2 hours last night).

Monday is my appointment at the POTS and Syncope Clinic over in Newcastle.¬† I’ve waited 20 years to have my dysautonomia investigated at so I do hope the appointment is worth the 180 mile round trip!¬† I’ll report back next week on how it goes.

In the meantime it’s Father’s Day here in England tomorrow and I’m going out for lunch with my parents which I’m really looking forward to.¬† This is the view from the restaurant of where we’re going – I’m so lucky to live where I do ūüôā .

Photo curtesy of Google images.

Photo curtesy of Google images.








Weekly roundup

I was putting my (pre-prepared in the morning when I have most energy) dinner together last night when I started feeling a bit strange.¬† I realised that every time I moved the room spun a little.¬† I managed to eat my meal feeling like¬†I was on a moving ship before retiring to bed, only able to listen to the TV rather than actually watch the moving images.¬† I have these dizzy spells¬†now and again (which can vary in intensity from mild, as this one was, to so severe I feel like I’ve spent a night downing¬†tequila slammers¬†– I wish!) and have no clue what they are or where they come from.¬† During my worst M.E. years they were frequent, but have thankfully become much less so¬†as I’ve improved.¬† Still not nice though and I’m spaced out and feel weird¬†this morning.¬† I took my blood pressure, which was fine, although I felt really hungry and still feel hungry this morning, so maybe my blood sugar is a bit off or I’m about to get a migraine (feeling abnormally hungry is one of my migraine warnings).

Speaking of blood pressure, I’ve now completed a whole month of readings and found something surprising.¬† The first day of my period my blood pressure was 119/39 (my diastolic was so low it was off the¬†chart – a normal reading is 80!).¬† This gives a pulse pressure of 80 when it should be 40.¬† So, no surprises I feel totally crap during The Curse!¬† Be interesting to see if this is repeated next month.

My hives are back.¬† It’s no surprise, because I’m also sneezing, my eyes are sore and dry and my skin is itching.¬† The Birch pollen is obviously now in full flight and my body is rebelling.¬† I’m on Zyrtec, and using steroid cream on the hives, but they’re getting worse not better!¬† Nothing I take has any affect on them if I’m honest, so I just put up with them for a few weeks and try not to scratch my¬†arse in public ūüėČ .

I spent a whole morning trying some new recipes out last week, including home-made Bounty bars, Mexican bean wraps and a vegetable Cobbler, which were all inedible.¬† It’s soul destroying to spend 3 exhausting, painful hours cooking only to end up with a bowl of Cornflakes for your dinner!¬† I’m determined to get the Bounty bars to work though, so watch this space ūüėČ .

I woke the other morning, got dressed, and took my dog out on my mobility scooter (I have a dog walker but can only afford¬†week days¬†so at weekends¬†I take him myself).¬† As I trundled up the road I realized my leg was stinging.¬† Really stinging.¬† To the point where I wondered if I’d actually been stung by a wasp or something.¬† I couldn’t wait to get home to roll up my skinny jeans and find out what on earth was going on, and this is what I found:

Photo of scratchesWTF?!¬† All I’d done that morning was lie in bed, then pull my jeans on.¬† If I’d¬†scraped my leg on something¬†sharp enough to cause a wound this big¬†it would have hurt and I would have noticed.¬† I have no clue where these huge scratches¬†came from, and it took the rest of the week for them to fade.¬† I’m starting to think I share my bed with a poltergeist!!

Keep your eye on it!

I haven’t felt very well the past few days.¬† Correction, I’ve felt crappier than usual the past few days ūüėČ .¬† The Birch pollen season¬†has begun, so I’ve been sneezing my head off and my eyes are dry and sore, although this year I know to keep all my windows shut, run the air purifier in my bedroom, always wear my glasses when outside and put some Hay Max organic balm around the inside of my nostrils before I venture outside¬†which seems to work quite well.

But I’ve also been really muzzy headed, have had a sore throat and just felt generally drained and¬†‘not right’.¬† My chest is also worryingly tight (although I¬†bought a peak flow metre and my readings are excellent at 550)¬†and I’m coughing my head off.¬† It could be related to the pollen, but at the same time I’ve had reflux pain so it could also¬†be a bad bout of¬†GERD.¬† I’m already on the maximum dose of Tagamet (H2 blocker), plus extra Gaviscon Advance especially before bed, but it’s obviously not keeping the acid at bay.¬† I tolerate the H2 so well that I’m extremely reluctant to try a PPI instead, although if it gets much worse I might have to.¬† So I’m wondering if the sore throat is from the reflux and coughing, or whether I do have some kind of mild throat infection particularly as I don’t feel ‘well’ (although my temperature is normal).¬† My step-brother gets bad hayfever though, and he doesn’t feel well at the moment either, so it could also be the pollen!

That’s the problem when you have M.E. – every day you feel like you have the Plague, so how¬†can you tell when you actually do have a virus?¬† Or whether your increased symptoms are down to something else entirely, like hayfever or an MCAD flare?¬† Or whether you’re just having a crap M.E. patch?¬† Answers on a postcard please.

I gave up going to see my GP about anything about 10 years ago.¬†¬†She would either hand me a prescription that I couldn’t take, or refer me for tests which always came back normal.¬† All the visits ever did was make me feel like a hypochondriac which wasn’t good for my psyche.¬† But there are some symptoms I really worry about, like my lower stomach/pelvic pain which has been particularly bad in recent months.¬† I am 110% convinced¬†the pain is down to¬†endometriosis, but what if¬†it’s something more sinister?¬† I have regular smear tests but that wouldn’t pick up ovarian cysts or internal tumours.¬† About 5 years ago I actually think I had a burst ovarian cyst (I’ve never had pain like that in my life) but I still didn’t call an ambulance – by¬†morning it had settled down a bit and I’m still here so whatever it was¬†it didn’t kill me!¬† There’s a saying in my family to “just keep your eye on it” – with everything that’s wrong with me it’s a wonder I can see straight ūüėČ .

The only time I’ve been to hospital was after I’d had a mast cell reaction to having chiropracty for my back.¬† Within 5 minutes of the treatment I knew I was going to be really ill.¬† And I was, including having¬†tachycardia for 3 entire weeks and horrendous vomiting/retching.¬† After 21 days of continuous symptoms (including losing 9lbs puking)¬†and absolutely zero sleep,¬†I had chest pain so bad it felt like I was being skewered by a bread knife.¬† So at 3am one night I called 111 (the non-emergency number) and was told I had to call an ambulance.¬† I said I didn’t want to, I’d be fine, but the Doctor on the other end disagreed and called one anyway!¬† I ended up being blue-lighted to hospital, only for my ECG to be considered ‘normal’ (I knew¬†I was having an allergic reaction and that there would be¬†nothing wrong with my heart)¬†and discharged 5 hours later in the snow,¬†in¬†my pyjamas and with no way of making the 30 mile journey home (a taxi would have cost me ¬£80!).¬† It’s not going to happen again in a hurry.

I might try some Claritin (H1 blocker) alongside my Tagamet to see if that will settle any hayfever symptoms down (although it gives me insomnia!) but other than that I’ll just put up with the tight chest.¬† It does get me down though, as breathing is¬†exhausting¬†when it feels like there’s an elephant sitting on¬†your breastbone!

I am, however, going to finish on a high note.¬† I’ve had the biopsy results for the lump on my little dog’s leg and it’s just a benign cyst and nothing at all to worry about, yayyy ūüôā .¬† And my Mum is definitely brighter now we’ve altered her medication – like her GP says, it’s a balance between quality of life and quantity of life.¬† If I had a choice, I’d rather be well and die at 60 than feel like this every day and live til I’m 100!

Suddenly Sneezing

A couple of weeks ago a new symptom developed.¬† About an hour after my dinner one night my nose suddenly started to prickle.¬† It’s the weirdest feeling – not an itch, but a feeling like there are little ants crawling under the skin in my nose.¬† My nose wasn’t blocked or runny and I didn’t suddenly start to sneeze, just prickle¬†and¬†feel like my nasal cavities were inflamed and raw.

I wondered if I were starting with a cold, but it’s been 2 weeks now and no virus has appeared.¬† The prickling, however, remains and is accompanied by dry sore eyes, a fuzzy head, constant¬†headache and feeling super tired and exhausted every second of the day (I can’t keep my eyes open past 9pm).¬† In other words, classic hay fever symptoms.¬† I’ve woken 3 or 4 times at 3am and started to sneeze my head off.¬† Had a good sneezing session then gone straight back to sleep.¬† I also have a huge sneezing session about an hour after I wake, but then it settles down and I really don’t sneeze much for the rest of the day.¬† Again, no blocked nose and no itching, but I do have constant post-nasal drip which is making my throat really sore especially first thing in the morning.

Being as though my skin prick tests in June showed a mild allergy to dogs I do wonder if this has suddenly escalated and I’ve become more allergic to my furry child (although he’s a Mini Schnauzer, which are classed as very low allergy dogs as they don’t shed fur).¬† But I don’t sneeze when I’m near my dog, and my symptoms are often best in the evening when we are cuddled up together.¬† Just in case, however, I spent a fortune on an Allergy UK approved air purifier which is supposed to filter animal dander, as well as pollens, dust etc.¬† Despite running it 24/7 though it’s not made a jot of difference.

I really am clueless as to what this nose thing is all about.¬† It’s now mid-August, which means we are coming to the end of the pollen season here in England.¬† My skin prick tests showed I wasn’t grass, mould or fungal spore allergic and I also tested negative for dust mites.

At the moment I can’t try an anti-histamine nasal spray or tablet, because I’m currently trialing Ranitidine (an H2¬†anti-histamine, brand name Zantac) for my stomach acid/mast cell issues – results to come¬†in a future blog post.¬† You can only try one drug at a time so that you know if you’re reacting to that and not something else.¬† So for the next few weeks at least I’m just going to have to suffer, which really is no fun because I feel like I have a permanent cold.¬† If any of you have any thoughts on what could be going on please share (bearing in mind I’ve tested negative for allergies to dairy and wheat).