Ginger Tea    
Time: 5 mins     Serves: 1

Photo of ginger tea

approx. 1″ (2½cm) thin piece root ginger, peeled and sliced into about 6 slices
1 small slice fresh lemon (optional)
1 teaspoon sugar or honey to taste (optional)

      • I use a small cafetière for making this tea, but you can also buy really cheap herb/tea infusers on Amazon.
      • Place lemon & ginger in cafetière or infuser and add a mug of boiling water.  Steep for 5 minutes then press the plunger or remove the infuser to leave the brewed water behind.
      • Add sugar or honey to taste.

Ginger is a natural and powerful antihistamine.  This tea is soooo good for nausea and lovely and warming in winter.


Smoothies are filling and nutritious and an easy way to eat your 5 a day all in one go!  I find them Photo of a smoothie particularly good if I’m feeling nauseous and can’t face solid food.

Place 300ml milk (I use coconut, but you could use almond, rice or cow’s) in a blender or liquidizer.  Add peeled, chopped, deseeded fruit of your choice: I use ¼ small cantaloup melon, the seeds of one passionfruit, a handful of red seedless grapes and half a mango.  Add some peashoots (optional) or crushed flax or omega seeds (optional) and blitz for 10 seconds.  Makes a full pint.

As fresh fruit and veg is expensive, peeling and chopping it is hard work, and you only use ¼ of a melon and ½ a mango per drink, I make several smoothies up at once and freeze them in individual portions.  That way I use up all my fresh fruit which is cost effective and only have to do it once a week.


You can juice any combination of allowed fruits with the exception of bananas as they don’t do well in a juicer.  Melon and grapes produce good amounts of juice but are bland, so liven them up with passionfruit, coconut, mango and apples.  Combine fruits and veg.  Apples and carrots are a good way to start.  To bulk up my juices and make them more filling I often top up to a pint with milk (cow’s milk or rice milk – the make Rice Dream is nice and not much different in taste to cow’s milk).

Melon Berry:

Couple large slices melon of your choice, eg. watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew (peeled but not deseeded).
Handful tolerated berries, eg. blueberries, blackberries.
1 passionfruit (cut in half and just use the flesh and seeds)

Mixed Fruit & Veg:

Recipe 1
1 small bunch green leaves, eg spring greens or watercress (no spinach!)
1 small broccoli
5cm piece cucumber
2 celery stalks (optional)
1 apple (Coxs are nice, leave skin on and core in, but remove top stalk)
3 carrots, scrubbed but with skin on (or peeled if preferred)

Recipe 2
1 slice watermelon
Seeds & pulp of 1 passion fruit
Small handful green grapes
Small handful blueberries (if tolerated)
4cm piece cucumber
4 small broccoli florets
1 small beetroot (peeled and vacuum-packet in its own juice)


½ raw beetroot (Tesco do ready peeled vacuum packed, or you can buy raw and peel)
1 medium sized parsnip, scrubbed or peeled
1 sweet potato, peeled
½ bulb fennel
5cm section of cucumber

If the juice is too thick, dilute with water.

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