A list of products I find useful.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome:

  • I couldn’t manage pain-wise without my TENS machine.  I use a TPNex, but they all do basically the same job, just in different ways.
  • Please see my Splints & Braces blog post for the back and hand supports I use regularly.
  • My teeth and gums are fragile and using an electric toothbrush made things much worse.  I can recommend the Sensodyne Precision soft manual toothbrush for anyone with sensitive teeth and receding gums, plus an alcohol-free mouthwash.
  • I can’t cope with lifting and tipping a kettle and abslutely love my hot water dispenser.  It’s not the prettiest kettle in the world, but stays hot 24/7 and provides instant near boiling water at the push of a button.  My Mum has the type of hot water dispenser which heats the water as you use it – it’s rubbish in comparison to my Neostar dispenser, is noisy and takes forever to fill a cup.

Mast Cell Disease:

  • The Green People ‘Itch Away’ shampoo.  I’d tried everything for my itchy scalp, including steroid liquid off the doctor, but nothing helped until I found this.  Green People products are excellent in general, being chemical-free and organic.  I particularly like their Gentle Cleanse make-up remover.
  • All my life I’ve been plagued with cold sores.  In 2006 I went through a dreadful patch, with up to 9 cold sores at a time forming a huge circle on my chin – I looked like I’d been in a car crash!  I tried everything from the doctor and nothing worked until I found Liquorice lip balm from the Skin Shop.  A component of liquorice called glycyrrhizin has been shown to inhibit the herpes virus.  I’ve used this balm 3 or 4 times a day ever since and have only had 3 tiny cold stores in the past 7 years.  It’s 100% natural and a pot lasts ages.
  • I get hayfever and prefer to use non-drug methods of prevention wherever possible.  HayMax Hay Fever balm is a natural, organic gel which you smear round the the inside of your nostrils.  It traps pollen before it has chance to enter your respiratory system.  I find it quite effective and I definitely know when I’ve forgotten to use it and go walking anywhere near woodland.  Widely available – I get mine from Boots.
  • I get bitten alive by insects every summer and because I live surrounded by woodland am paranoid about ticks.  Due to my chemical reactions I don’t want to use a pesticide based insect spray, so can highly recommend Incognito which is 100% natural and chemical free.  Available online, from Holland & Barret or selected Waitrose stores.

3 thoughts on “Products

  1. Glo

    Can you please tell me where your photos are sold? I know I read about it a while ago and even visited the site but with middle age and brain fog I haven’t a clue where it was.


  2. Glo

    Thank you. I like the 2 portraits I’ve seen. Like others as well but prefer black and white photography. Will take a look. Hope symptoms have settled down a bit. Sounds like a rougher time than normal.



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