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Is there anybody there?

This post is totally un-health related, but I had to share with you what’s been happening.  I moved to my current property, a 300-year-old converted farm building, fifteen years ago.  Before that  I lived in a 100-year-old Victorian town house and had no issues there.

From day one in this property, though, things have moved around.  Magazines weren’t where I left them, objects would appear in strange places and other objects have disappeared never to be seen again.  However, I could always come up with a rational explanation – I’m very forgetful, I’m hormonal and doing daft things like putting my car keys in the fridge, plus I’m aware I sleep walk and could potentially move items around in the night.

The electrics have also always been dodgy in this house.  I get a LOT of power problems, such as the lights flickering, and the bulbs blow in my lounge constantly.  Again, there is a logical explanation – the village is on a bit of a crappy power supply, plus my home probably needs rewiring.

Recently, though, stuff has been happening which I’m struggling more to explain.  I have Sky TV and a few months ago I was looking for something to watch on my planner when I saw that Top Gear had been recorded.  I loath Top Gear and it is the last telly programme I would ever tape.  I just brushed it off as something which had happened by mistake, until a few weeks later when  I realized my planner had recorded the Murdoch Mysteries and series linked it!  The same day, an energy saving bulb I put in my hall 6 months ago, and which is supposed to last years, blew.

Shortly after that, an overbed lamp stopped working.   I changed the bulb, no joy.   I changed the fuse, still no joy. So I gave up and thought I’d have to bin it.  Then after three days it suddenly came back on all on its own and has worked fine ever since.

Yesterday, things ramped up a notch or two.  I was putting some clothes away in my bedroom drawers when I heard a weird noise, which sounded like it came from the corner of my room.  It was a cross between a growl and the sound of air when you do a huge sigh.  It was quite distinct and fairly loud and made me jump.  I reasoned it was coming from outside and just sounded like it was in the room!  However, last night around 7pm I was propped up in bed editing some pictures when I heard the sound again and at the same time the cord hanging down from my window blind started swinging backwards and forwards by a good 4 inches – I mean, it was properly moving.  And to cap it all, one of the lights over the sink in my bedroom now isn’t working!  I must admit, I was a bit uneasy turning the lights off to go to sleep :-/

I don’t know what to make of any of the above.  I have been under huge stress recently and I’m sure there’s probably a logical explanation for everything, but yesterday’s antics have freaked me out a bit I must admit.  They say animals are psychic and pick up on energy in a house, but Bertie doesn’t seem to be bothered by anything and slept through the growl and the swinging chord like a baby – the feckless article 😀  I’ll keep you posted if anything else happens!