Weekly roundup

I can’t believe I’m writing my weekly roundup post already and have no clue where this week has gone. Lockdown restrictions are finally ending after 3 months and we are now allowed to travel slightly further afield (while still staying local) and can have up to 6 people in our gardens (but not in the house).

Tuesday was the first really warm day we’ve had so far this year, so with my newfound freedom Bertie and I had a gentle potter round a local reservoir 4 miles from our house. There was a camper van parked in the car park (camping is not allowed yet) and we met a French family (fairly sure they weren’t fucking local) but other than the lockdown cheats we had a lovely time. On my way home, I received a text from my next door neighbours inviting me to their garden for a drink at 6pm. I’m usually in bed by then, but as it’s been months since I had any physical social interaction I said I’d love to, and had a very pleasant couple of hours chatting in the chilly evening sunshine.

Wednesday evening was our annual digital image competition at my camera club and I won the open section which was fab! I would normally get a trophy, but as the shops are still shut we can’t get them engraved so I’m not sure what’s happening with that. I have literally only had the time to take 1 new photo all year so far, a still life of some apples I’m calling Gravity, which makes me really sad 😥. My photography gives me so much pleasure I’d be gutted if this year I didn’t get to make any pictures.

I’ve spent the weekend investigating my drains as I have a god awful smell which has suddenly appeared in my utility room. All the drains are thankfully clear, so tomorrow I plan on taking the u-bend off under the sink to see if that’s gunked up. If the waste pipe is fine my only option will be to spend £160 getting a camera passed through my outside drains to check for cracks or leaks. I’m desperate to find the source of the smell cos it’s absolutely rank 🤢.

This morning I had a Zoom brew with my bestie. We were hoping to meet up outside now we are allowed, but it’s suddenly gone baltic here in the north of England plus I’d promised my Dad I’d sit with my Mum this aft so that he could go for a walk, so we ended up online instead. For different reasons we are both having a tough time of it, so it was therapeutic to have a chat and I know I felt less alone at the end of it ❤.

Well my lovely friends, it’s nearly time for Line of Duty so I’m off to make a brew, open a packet of Haribo and get snuggled under the duvet with my electric blanket on although I’m absolutely buggered and will no doubt be snoring and dribbling by half past nine! Until next week, stay safe x

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