Weekly roundup

I have had a ridiculously busy week and have woken this morning with a raging sore throat, which is M.E.’s way of telling me I’ve done too much. Much of the activity has been social, though, which is absolutely lovely and a welcome change from months of isolation.

Monday night I took part in a Zoom committee meeting for my Camera Club, which sounds desperately dull but it was just nice to be in the company of other human beings and after we’d gone through the agenda we stayed online for a more social chat.

Wednesday night was my Camera Club, which involved another late night (10pm is about 6 hours past my usual bedtime and several members commented that I looked like shit!).

Thursday afternoon I met up with a friend I haven’t seen since last summer due to the Covid restrictions and we went out and about for a couple of hours taking photos with the sun shining, the birds singing and the spring flowers blooming. It was glorious just to be outside in the fresh air, but I was absolutely knackered that night not to mention crippled as my hips continue to be tortuously painful. Pottering to the loo and back is about my walking limit at the moment, so having to be on my feet for 2 hours (albeit with copious bench rests) was a big ask. I am very de-conditioned following a year of lockdown and it’s going to take a long time to get back to where I was in terms of fitness.

On Tuesday I received an email from a Camera Club in the midlands. I was due to speak there at the end of April but their speaker for this week was unwell so they asked if I could step into the breach, which meant Friday was another late night. Three late bedtimes in one week has been a killer and I do feel very MEish this morning πŸ˜•.

My bestie (who has M.E.) had her Covid vaccine this week and the following day felt like she’d been run over by a ten tonne truck. Thankfully, though, when I spoke to her yesterday she was a bit brighter however she isn’t yet totally over the effects. My parents are both booked to have their 2nd Pfizer vaccine this Thursday, which hopefully should provide them with 95% protection against the most severe effects of Covid. Neither of them had any side effects from the first dose, however I am a little bit concerned about reports that the second Pfizer vaccine can make you feel rough so I hope it doesn’t knock them about too much as neither of my parents are feeling great to start with.

My Mum is still in pain from her fall but hasn’t had too bad a week all things considered, however it is clear she now needs significant amounts of care. I’ve been going to help her shower (despite the fact I only shower myself twice a week as I find it utterly exhausting), put her tablets up every week and do all of their shopping, health care related stuff and paperwork. They have a cleaner for three hours every Wednesday but my Dad does everything else including changing the beds, all the laundry and ironing, all the cooking (except weekends when my sister-in-law makes them a meal) and fetches and carries for my Mum all day long.

The strain is really getting to him, baring in mind he is 81 years old, and this week he started to feel unwell which is looking like the start of a Sjogren’s flare ☹. He has permanent neuropathy in both legs from his Sjogren’s, but other than that hadn’t had any troublesome symptoms for well over a year. However he’s back to feeling dizzy, unbalanced, nauseous, fatigued, his legs have suddenly gone weak and he has noticeable pallor in his face. As luck would have it, he has an appointment with his neurologist by phone on Tuesday so we can have a chat to her about the situation.

It’s clear that neither he nor I can keep up this level of care for my Mum, as neither of us are well enough ourselves, so we had a chat yesterday and Mum has thankfully agreed to have some home care. My sister-in-law is one of the managers of a good local care company, so she has arranged help with meals and showering starting a week on Monday which should take some of the pressure off my Dad and I. We have put it off this long due to the Covid infection risk, but as of this week both my parents will have been fully vaccinated so I’m now happier for them to be around other people.

Having said all that, I won’t have been vaccinated and having people traipsing in and out of the apartment puts me at much greater risk of infection. I really can’t see an alternative though πŸ™.

On that cheerful note I’ll go and get some breakfast. I was so exhausted yesterday that all I had to eat was toast for breakfast, 5 breadsticks with hummus plus a pear for lunch, and toast for supper so I’m really quite peckish this morning! Take care and stay safe x

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