Weekly roundup

A friend told me yesterday that her mast cell consultant is just about to publish research on mast cell activation in Long Covid, which mimics M.E. in many ways. As my regular readers know, I’ve long suspected mast cell activation of some form is behind M.E. (see this post) and I know that some clinicians working in the M.E. field in America who have looked for mast cell activation have found it in around 60% of their patients. The fact that mast cells are activated in Long Covid comes as no surprise.

I have not had a period now for 5 months and it is awesome. No more mood swings or crippling endometriosis pain, diarrhoea or smelly tampons. However, nothing in life is free and the price I’m paying for my lack of periods is insomnia. Last night I barely had a wink of sleep. Either I simply couldn’t nod off, or I was deeply asleep when a hot flush exploded inside my body like a bomb and I woke tearing the covers off and dripping in sweat. I’m absolutely knackered.

The pain from my Mum’s broken shoulder is quite good, she is sleeping better and we also finally seem to have found a tablet which is helping with her nausea. After trying all the usual drugs she’s been prescribed haloperidol and although the sick feeling hasn’t totally vanished it’s at least at a bearable level. However, she still says she doesn’t feel hungry and when she does manage food her stomach hurts so consequently she’s still barely eating. I’m not sure what the solution is.

As of 8th March, we were allowed outside for “recreation” so I was hugely looking forward to going out and about with my camera for the first time this year. However, in true Sod’s Law fashion it has piddled down all week and the idea of going out in 50mph gales and horizontal rain wasn’t exactly tempting. So instead I’ve spent most of my spare time this week under the duvet binge watching old episodes of Love Island. My brain now feels a bit like mushy decoupage paper 😆.

Yesterday I received a huge wad of court papers from TalkTalk in respect of my action against them for not providing a fully functioning telephone line for my parents for 7 months last year. I am so tired and overwhelmed I can’t even look at them yet. I don’t know what happens next – I guess the judge will issue a trial date. Something to look forward to then, though how I’m going to fare with my poorly brain and lack of legal knowledge against the solicitors of one of the largest companies in Britain remains to be seen.

Today is Mother’s Day and I am getting a take-away at lunch time from a local cafe (we are still not allowed to eat in restaurants, but they can provide take out) for myself and my parents. Mum won’t eat anything, but at least it gives my Dad a break from cooking. He has been an absolute legend recently. Yes I do a lot for my parents but at least I get to come home and chill – he is there 24/7 and it must be stressful and utterly exhausting looking after my Mum bearing in mind he is 81 years old.

Well lovely people, it’s 8am and I must get up, get some breakfast then take the hound out. It’s over-cast, drizzling and freezing cold and I admit the thought of leaving my warm, snuggly bed isn’t appealing. I am so over winter I can’t even tell you, though the fact there is fresh snow on the fells this weekend is hinting that winter isn’t done quite yet. Yay.

6 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. vio me

    hi,Jak-its mothers day in UK and it usually collide with my b-day!-yuck! ;)as im not a mother or born here ;))Last year manage to escape to a seaside just before lockdown but today just wondered around in London in misery 😉
    but thats not why im here-just wanted to say that im using progesterone cream for flashes-seems like its working ;)had a taste what it looks like -burns my face (as Ihave rosacea ).Started using that cream some years ago as at the moment cant take even vitamins -gives me inflammation (histamine intolerance /MTHFR etc).p.s-I buy it from IHERB US-cream is cheap-delivery is not;).
    so-you might consider that option ?
    best wishes-Violeta


  2. Lindsay

    From what I understand, it’s also thought (here in the states) that mast cell is also found in a lot of POTS patients and is seriously underdiagnosed. I hope all of the cases of long COVID inspire them to research mast cell more.

    Happy mother’s day to your mum!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jak Post author

      It’s fairly clear there’s a link between hEDS, POTS and M.E. and it makes sense to me that the link is mast cells. I really hope the silver lining of the pandemic is an answer for all of us! x



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