Weekly Roundup

My emotional health is definitely not great at the moment and I am borderline depressed. Due to my isolated existence I genuinely didn’t think I’d be that affected by the pandemic and it’s come as a bit of a surprise. My bestie and I were talking recently and neither of us could work out why we are so fed up – it’s not like we go out much anyway or interact with lots of people as we are both largely housebound, and when lockdown ends our lives won’t be that much different! I think it’s the lack of choice which is getting to me. Spring has tentatively arrived, the weather is glorious and I just want to get out in nature with my camera, but I can’t as we’re still not allowed out for recreation. Roll on 8th March when the recreation restrictions end, though I can’t meet up with my friends until 29th March when the local travel ban is lifted.

I have now not had a period for 4Ā½ months and think my mental health isn’t being helped by the total absence of my hormones. My emotions are up and down like a bride’s nightie and I am deep in hot flush land. They’re not too bothersome during the day, but being woken from sleep engulfed in a raging inferno several times a night is zero on the fun scale and is making me seriously knackered. This morning I’ve woken with a migraine and as I type this my brain is pulsating rhythmically against my skull. I am both weepy and irritated for no good reason. It goes without saying I am well and truly over my 9 years of menopause transition.

I was so unwell and MEish on Wednesday that I asked my Dad to take Bertie out for me in the afternoon. It’s the first time in 3 years I’ve had to get help with him, which shows what a shit day I was having šŸ™. On the plus side, the fact that since my Dad’s double hip replacement he felt well enough to come and walk the dog is absolutely brilliant. It will do his flagging mental health the world of good to feel useful again, not to mention the fact that walking has been his life and for him to now be able to get out and about again doing what he loves is awesome.

My Mum still hasn’t had the results of her urgent CT scan which took place on 1st February. I chased it up a week ago and was told they hadn’t received the report from radiology and they would request it and post it to us, but clearly that hasn’t happened. I rang again and this time was told that as Mum is due to have a repeat endoscopy next Friday they usually wait and send all the results together, to which I replied it is totally unacceptable to make someone who may have cancer wait 6 weeks for scan results! The secretary agreed with me and said she would get a report sent to Mum’s GP asap. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Right, enough with the whining – I’m putting myself off my breakfast šŸ˜„.

I had a victory this week! In November, I bought an HP printer from the Curry’s website. It had an offer of 15 pages of free ink each month for the lifetime of the printer through the Instantink scheme, which is why I chose this particular printer over all the others. But when I came to sign up for the scheme there was no free option and it wanted to charge me every month. I spent several frustrating weeks talking via online chat to HP who tell me the offer of free ink was withdrawn in December. I argue that my contract of sale included free ink and I expect it to be honoured.

I get nowhere, so in January I send a snail mail complaint to Curry’s HQ (there is no email option) as my contract of sale is with them, not actually with HP, but I hear nothing. Then out of the blue this week I get a phone call from HP asking me if the issue has been resolved šŸ˜®. The customer service guy was absolutely lovely and took me through deactivating the printer and re-setting it up and I now have the free ink I should have been enjoying since last year.

Way too many companies are taking the total piss during the pandemic, thinking that customers will have no way of complaining or exercising their legal rights. But I won’t accept being treated unfairly and am like a dog with a bone, gnawing away until I get that to which I’m entitled. It shouldn’t be this way though – you should just get what you fucking pay for!

The biggest thing to happen this week, however, was delivery of a new mattress which has changed my life! I’m going to do a separate post on that, so watch this space.

My head is now banging, I’m starting to feel nauseous and my eyeballs are burning, so I’d better go and take some Ibuprofen and have some breakfast to see if I can get the migraine to calm it’s little self down. Before I go, though, I’ll leave you with a view of the sky snapped from out of my bedroom window last night. The moon was super bright, which made the clouds really pretty šŸ™‚.

Until next week lovely friends, stay safe x

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