Weekly roundup

I’ve had a lovely, quiet, relaxing week. It was much needed after everything I’ve had to do at my parents’ home and with my Mum’s health recently and I feel so much better emotionally for the down time. My body is still knackered but šŸ˜‰.

Speaking of my Mum, despite being referred for a CT scan under the 2 week suspected cancer rule we have heard nothing in the three weeks since the test, so on Friday I rang the GP to chase it up. They had heard nothing either, so told me to ring the hospital – when did it stop being the sodding GP’s job to keep on top of test results?!

We had had a phone consultation with the head of Gastroenterology and it was he who had booked Mum in for the CT scan on 1st Feb, but his secretary had no results. After much searching she told me I had to ring a Consultant in the upper GI department, despite the fact Mum has had no dealings with him and a colonoscopy is bowel not upper GI. So I ring his secretary, who tells me there is nothing on her system.

She asks me why I’m ringing her as my Mum isn’t their patient and they deal with upper GI issues, so I have to explain that the Gastro guy’s secretary told me to ring her! Lots of huffing and puffing later she tells me she’s found my Mum’s CT appointment on her system but there are no results. This is actually against our rights – if you have any investigation under the 2 week rule you should be given the results almost straight away, not 20 days later. She tells me she’ll get in touch with radiology and get them to write a report, which will be posted to us. What the fuck would have happened, though, if I had not chased this up? Her GP was clearly not on top of it, the Consultant we saw had no knowledge of it and some random Doctor at the hospital we didn’t even know existed was apparently in charge but didn’t even know my Mum was his patient. FFS-with-knobs-on.

This country is fundamentally broken – but that’s a post for another day.

After posting a new form to the Small Claims Court, after I inadvertently buggered up the original application, I received a letter saying the case against TalkTalk in respect of the 7 months my parents have had a broken landline has been accepted. Hurrahhh!!! It was sent to “the Defendant”, who then contacted my Mum. It was the first time anyone from TalkTalk has contacted her since October last year, despite knowing that her phone line was still faulty and the fact she is on their priority register as a vulnerable person. She refused to speak to them and told them to contact me instead, which they did. I, however, also refused to speak to them on the phone as they record all calls and had used selected conversations against me at our recent Dispute Resolution, while withholding the conversations which would have backed up my side of the case. I obviously don’t record all my phone calls so was at an unfair advantage in the evidence stakes, so I have requested they email me instead so that I have a record of what is said.

We are starting to see the back of a very long, cold winter here in the north of England, and while parts of me are delighted, the rest of me is dreading the arrival of warmer weather. My menopause-induced hot flushes are getting out of hand and as I type this I can feel one coming over me. In a few seconds my fleece will be off, my duvet will be flung back, my ceiling fan will be on full pelt and I will be soaked in sweat, even though it’s 5C outside. If I’m this hot when it’s freezing I will be in danger of internal combustion when it’s 20C šŸ˜®.

Having said all that, on Tuesday I spent an hour in the garden having a tidy up and doing some pruning. It’s the first time it’s been warm enough to do any outside jobs since October and it fed my soul to be out amongst nature, even if it is still physically crippling me 5 days on. Hellebores, snowdrops and aconites are in flower, my winter heather looks gorgeous, daffodils are poking their heads through and my buddleia and rose bushes are starting to leaf bud. The House Sparrows were busy diving in and out of the ivy and on my wall and the various nesting boxes I have on the house, chittering and squabbling, and two Robins were furiously fighting for territory. That this rejuvenation takes place very year is nothing short of a miracle to me and I love every second. This year in particular, with the promise of vaccinations and the end of lockdown, it feels like a whole new world is about to begin despite the fact my Mum had a new letter this week telling her she must continue to shield until at least 1st April.

This morning, after I’ve taken Bertie out, I am meeting a friend for a car coffee, where we meet in the car park of a local cafe providing take-outs and chat to each other through open car windows. It’s the person I stopped speaking to in October who is very controlling and demanding, and I am hugely conflicted about seeing him again. While I was in the front garden on Tuesday he happened to be driving past my house, so drew up and asked to speak to me. I didn’t have anything left to say to be honest, but he burst into tears and was quite distressed and being as though he’s elderly and very unwell I didn’t have the heart not to accept his apology. However, today I will be erecting very strict boundaries and if they are crossed the deal is off. At his age I suspect nothing will change, but that is his choice to make and equally my choice to walk away from.

Right-e-o my lovely people, breakfast is calling. It is 7.15am and the sun has already risen, so I am eager to begin this precious day. Take care and staff stay safe (my dyslexia is ridiculous this morning!) – the end is in sight x

2 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Lindsay

    I can’t believe that sometimes it takes filing a small claims action to get a response. As an attorney, I see that so much. If businesses just took care of their shit, they might actually have happy customers. Although, I don’t think they care about that as much as making a profit.

    I hope it went well with your friend.


    1. Jak Post author

      Heard back from the company today, who still deny breach of contract despite the fact my mum’s phone still doesn’t work properly.

      They’ve offered to pay our Ā£200 court application fee though as a “good will” gesture, my reply to which is see you in court!



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