Weekly roundup

We have had brilliant, if slightly scary, news this week. Three years ago, my Dad started having difficulty walking and to cut a stupidly long and complicated story short it turned out he needed a double hip replacement (in addition to having spinal stenosis and suspected Sjogren’s Syndrome). He had his right hip replaced last November and was due to be admitted to hospital in April this year for his left, but of course lockdown happened so the surgery was cancelled.

The poor fella can hardly hobble, so we were all thrilled when this week the hospital rang to say he is booked in for his second op at the end of October. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t also scared. He’s having it done in the North East, an area with one of the highest rates of Covid in the country (an estimated 1 in 250 people are currently infected and the numbers are rising rapidly), so obviously we’re terrified of him catching the virus while in hospital. But on the other hand we’re all praying he has the op before a total local lockdown is announced and it gets cancelled again.

Despite my Dad’s imminent surgery and 2 month recovery process, Christmas looming on the horizon and the fact we’re in the midst of a second wave of killer Covid, my Mum in her wisdom has decided to have three rooms in her apartment decorated and a new carpet fitted in her bedroom. So various tradesmen are now traipsing through the house. I’ve tried to tell her it’s insanity, my brother’s tried to tell her its insanity, but she says “it needs doing” so it’s getting done. No fucker is going to be visiting the house for months because of the risk of passing on the virus to my Dad, so why the hell it can’t wait until spring is beyond me ๐Ÿคจ.

On a personal note, I’ve had a very exciting week. I’m not spilling the beans at this stage as it’s early days, but I’ll just put the word Owl out there and you can draw your own conclusions!

My right arm is also finally much better, though still sore if I use it for any length of time. It’s been really painful for 5 months and I tried everything to try to get it to settle down (pain gels, taping, bracing, trigger points, massage, ice packs) but nothing worked, so I eventually decided to simply rest it in a sling for a month which seems to have done the trick ๐Ÿ™‚. Now if only I could get my sodding left hip to sort itself out I’d be a happy bunny!

Until next week my friends, stay safe x

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