Weekly roundup

Our Prime Minister this weekend is apparently deciding whether the UK should have another national lockdown. There’s no way he’ll sanction that (we can’t afford it) but I’m fairly sure come Monday new restrictions will be in place due to the fact that rates of Covid infection are now doubling every 7 days. Whether anyone will actually follow the new rules is anyone’s guess. Due to the nice weather, the Lake District this weekend was absolutely heaving with people, few of whom were social distancing. FFS will they never learn?!

I had a fantastic day on Tuesday. A photo buddy and I visited a local wildlife centre to photograph birds of prey. They aren’t imprisoned in tiny cages, which I wouldn’t condone, but are kept as part of a breeding and conservation programme and are allowed to fly freely at certain times of the day (at least as freely as any captive bird can with trackers sewn into their feathers).

Fabulous as it was, it did take up all my energy for a good 3 days and I was just getting my mojo back when I had to take my Mum to urgent care on Friday which robbed me of yet more energy. Consequently I haven’t done much else all week other than try to survive. My day out was worth it but and when I spoke to my Mum yesterday she said her arm was much more comfortable and less painful 😊. My bedroom, where I spend most of my time, is a shit tip though and I really need to find some umpf from somewhere today to tidy up and my parents’ energy deal is coming to an end soon so I need to get my fuzzy noggin in gear to switch them to a cheaper provider.

I’m flummoxed as to what is going on with the online gallery I signed up to. In the past month 52 people have added my photos to their cart, yet I’ve not had a single sale. I have the equivalent of a business degree, so know that cart abandonment is usually around 65-70% but 100% is weird to say the least. I’m also questioning the site’s search function for buyers. When I add a new picture, then search for it using “newest” as the search function it’s nowhere to be seen, yet images added 2 months ago appear on the first page of the search. You don’t want to start whining when you’ve just joined a gallery, but OTOH if I don’t look out for my interests who will? I’m unsure whether to contact them or leave it a bit longer.

Well, this was a fun and interesting post wasn’t it?! 😁. Is it just me who finds their personality does a bunk when they’re really tired? There are zombies with more pzaz than I’ve possessed this week!

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