Weekly roundup

Since lockdown restrictions ended in June it feels as if the pandemic is over, masks aside, and as the cases where I live are now low we are all fairly complacent about the situation.  I can’t even remember the last time I talked to someone about Covid, which shows how not on our minds it is and social distancing seems to have been largely abandoned.

However, experts continually warn of a second wave.  The weather has definitely turned, it’s noticeably wet and cold, and as we dive into Autumn everyone is going to be stuck indoors together.  Children are finally back at school full time this week after being off since March and, while infection control measures are in place, kids are notoriously bad at following the rules.  My sister in law is a teaching aid and had only been back in the classroom for 3 days in the summer with a restricted number of students before she caught a cold.  And if you can catch a cold, you can catch the much more infectious Covid-19.

My niece is a police officer and she had to be tested for Covid this week after displaying symptoms.  Turned out to also just be a cold but who knows about the next time?

My parents’ behaviour worries me sick.  My Mum is at the highest possible risk of death from Covid infection, yet she and my Dad went to a packed supermarket this week because “it’s something to do” and both have long since abandoned washing their hands the second they get back home.  They also allow everyone and his dog into their home including my police officer niece who is working up close and personal with members of the public and has managed to infect herself with a cold virus, and Tesco delivery men who are visiting hundreds of other homes every day.  WT-actual-F?

I’m still largely staying home and avoiding contact with people like the plague and have no intention of altering my behaviour any time soon.

On to other topics.  My downstairs toilet is leaking where the water inlet pipe meets the cistern.  It shouldn’t have been difficult to fix.   There’s an isolation screw on the inlet pipe which you can turn to shut off the water supply, which allows you to fix any issues.  Only mine doesn’t work.  Of course it doesn’t.  So now I’ve got to shut the water off at the stop cock.  Only my stop cock is old and prone to leaking, so I avoid touching it.  I’ll no doubt fix the toilet leak and end up with a much worse stop cock leak and have to get the plumber out.  FFS.  I need my new house to come along soon because living in a 300 year old cottage sounds romantic but is just a goddamn pain-in-the-arse money pit.

I checked my new online gallery this week and was highly excited to see that my photographs had been added to six different people’s carts 😮.  So I waited to get the email telling me I’d made my first sale…………….and it never came.  According to Google, up to 70% of all add-to-carts are abandoned before checkout.  Er, WTH?  I mean, I’ve occasionally put small items in my Amazon basket and then changed my mind or got them locally instead, but would I be doing that with a piece of art worth over £1000 it’s taken me ages to choose?!  So to all those people who add stuff to their online shopping baskets with no sodding intention of buying anything, spare a thought for the person selling and whose hopes you’re raising then dashing and use your Favourites or Wish List instead.

My stomach is rumbling so it must be time for breakfast.  I am currently as fat as a whale and am trying really hard to ‘be good’.  I spent the gross domestic product of a small nation on organic fruit this week at Tesco and only allowed one teensy tiny bag of Haribo Gold Bears into my basket (I need them for those days where a peach or a pear just doesn’t cut it 😉).  Why is it so easy to gain weight and so fucking difficult to lose it – answers on a post card please.



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