Weekly roundup

I have woken this morning with a banging migraine, so this post will probably make as much sense as Boris’ current Covid measures.

The reason for said poorly noggin is probably that I spent hours yesterday finalizing my new global online photo gallery.  Four of my pictures are now for sale as stupidly expensive limited edition prints 😮.  It’s both exciting and terrifying.  I mean, it’s little old me in my bed – how can I possibly be charging upwards of £500 for one of my photos?!  However, looking at similar works on the site I think mine are just as good and some people are charging 3 times that for their images (though admittedly they are bigger than mine, as I only have a little camera).  I’m not including a link to the gallery here, as I try to keep my ‘sick’ life and the rest of my life separate, but if anyone might be genuinely interested in a print either now or in the future and isn’t just being nosey leave a comment and I’ll email you the url.

I’m at a loss as to what to try next to fix my oh-so-sore elbow.  It was both taped and braced continually for 4 months, and now I’m resting it using a sling but nothing seems to be helping.  Not sure what to do for the best and this is when I’d kill for professional advice :-/

I can’t believe how well my doggie gate around Bertie’s bed has worked.  He’s woken me at the crack of dawn for over a year now, to the point where I was seriously sleep-deprived and at my wit’s end.  The first week of using the gate he fussed and barked to be let out at 5am but I simply ignored him, so he gave up and now stays peacefully in his bed until the alarm goes off, yayyyy!

A field near my house is being used for Motocross practice.  The motorbikes were on the go almost continuously for 12 hours last Saturday and regularly ride round and round and round until 10pm at night.  The noise is horrendous and half the village has complained to the local council……………..who can do nothing about the situation.  Private land can, apparently, be used for motorbikes for 28 days of the year between the hours of 8am-11pm and there is bugger all anyone can do about it.  This fucking country has gone to the dogs and is almost lawless.  My new home had better hurry itself the hell along so that I can escape this noisy goddamn village.

Other than that I have nothing else to tell you.  The weather has turned here in the north of England and autumn feels around the corner.  After months of the best spring and summer in years I have to admit I’m not looking forward to the dark, wet, cold days and having to wrap up like a spaceman just to take the dog out, not to mention the wet, muddy paw prints all over the house from His Majesty.   Add to that the credible threat of an increase in Covid infections and I think I’ll just stay in my bed from now til next April 😁.





1 thought on “Weekly roundup

  1. JAF

    Best of well deserved “luck” with the photo business, O “Star of the London salon!” I’ve seen quite a few of your images on line. £ 500 is certainly not expensive for the quality and creativity of your work, in my humble opinion. Someone sold a B&W print of a common, and certainly garden, spud for about £5000! So you should make a fortune!

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