The Sign

I mentioned in a previous post that I’d asked the Universe for a sign on a walk with my dog.  I told the Powers That Be that my soul needed to move to a quiet house, with a view, on the flat and with room for my photography but that I was struggling to find a suitable house that I could afford and it was negatively affecting my health.  I offered the search up to the Universe because I couldn’t deal with it anymore and I knew the Universe had my back.  However, I needed to know I’d been heard so I said “I’m losing hope, so I need a sign.  I want to know if the right house will be found and I will move in by summer 2021”.  And for some reason, the sign I asked for was an Owl.  I’ve no idea why I chose an Owl, it just popped into my head!  I didn’t want anything obvious that could just be a coincidence and Owls are rarely seen or heard as they are nocturnal, so an owl it was.


That night, needing inspiration, I read some of my favourite quotes online and as I clicked on a page I saw something which stopped me in my tracks.  It was a photo of an Owl!  But it wasn’t just any old Owl – it was identical to this picture which I’d taken 2 years previously.  It’s a Great Grey Owl, but we don’t have Great Grey Owls in the UK!  They’re only found in a small number of wildlife centres, so for me to have a photo of one when they are rare and I hardly ever leave the house was weird to start with, then to see an almost identical shot on a page of spiritual quotes was insane.  So I said out loud to the Universe “THANK YOU!”.  I’d had my sign 😀.

The next morning I wrote my weekly roundup blog post, then went out in the car.  As I reached the bottom of my drive I saw my deceased neighbour’s daughter and her husband.  They live 350 miles away in Dorset and it was the first chance they’d had to come up since lockdown to visit her Mum’s grave.  I stopped and had a chat and they were telling me they’d stayed overnight in their camper van up the lakes.  “And guess what?” the lady said, “we shared our camping spot with an Owl!  We could see it plain as day and it kept us company all night hooting!”  I just grinned from ear to ear and said to the Universe in my head “just in case I missed the sign the first time eh?”

Out of curiosity, when I came home I looked up the spiritual significance of Owls and this is what I learned:

  • The owl symbolizes ancient wisdom, maturity, and strength of character, and can guide us into exploring the unknowns about life.
  • Owls use their intuition to guide them.
  • Owls often symbolize death, however this can be the death of a situation rather than a person.  In other words, Owls represent transition. Maybe you will leave one relationship and enter into a better, healthier one, maybe you’ll get that job you’ve been wanting, or maybe you’ll leave your current city and move to somewhere that better suits you.


It isn’t the first time in my life I’ve been given a sign.  I mentioned in my Pep Talk post that the signs I was meant to adopt Bertie were so obvious I couldn’t possibly have ignored them.  Plus, I had a cat before I got Bert and he was with me during my bedridden years. Some days he literally kept me alive and when he passed away it was devastating.  I was driving into town one day a week or so after he’d died and I was thinking about him and remembered a photo I had of him where it looked like a rainbow of light was over him.  And in that very second a HUGE rainbow appeared in front of me in the sky.  That cat might as well have said “hi Mum, don’t worry I’m fine and I’m always with you” – makes me emotional just thinking about it.

When I bought the cottage I’m living in now, I’d been looking for 5 long years for the right house.   I was still mostly bedridden then, so thought to myself that having a sink in the bedroom would be really useful but it’s not something I was ever going to find.   An en suite yes, but just a sink?  Plus I’d always fancied tongue & groove panelling instead of tiles in the bathroom, and this was 16 years ago long before t&g bathroom panelling was in fashion.  I did see houses I liked but kept being outbid by people moving to the Lakes from down south and was so fed up I was just about to give up the search when I came to view this cottage.  And what did it have?  Yup!  A sink in the bedroom and t&g panelling in the bathroom.  I knew in that second I would end up living here, and although I’m now ready to move on I was really happy here for the first 12 years.

I’m a difficult woman to please and am not going to accept namby pamby signs that could mean anything.  If the Universe wants to speak to me it’s going to have to SHOUT loud and clear and the Owl photo couldn’t have been any clearer if it tried.  So watch this space!  I’m excited to think that my forever home is just around the corner and I can’t wait to be guided to it.





5 thoughts on “The Sign

  1. Karen, The Walking Allergy

    An owl has been hooting every night for over a week here. And I can finally read properly again. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to support you. If you perchance want to move to BC, I might actually be able to do something 😂. Not much practical use, but I’m with you in spirit. Hang in there- the right thing will come along. I hope it’s sooner than later!



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