Weekly roundup

I’m typing this week’s roundup with one finger on my mobile phone, so apologies for any errors. I can touch type on a proper keyboard at 125 words per minute, so am finding the experience tedious and keep pressing the wrong letters cos my fingers resemble Gregg’s jumbo sausage rolls. I hadn’t realized what fat little fingers I actually have. Maybe the menopause is adding weight to my digits? It’s making me fat everywhere else so I don’t see why my fingers would be spared 😆.

The reason for my one-finger stab-a-thon is that my laptop is away at a computer spa for the weekend being tended to by Kevin the computer  engineer (I’m now imagining weedy  little Kev in a white robe holding a bottle of massage oil and want to rinse my brain out with bleach). I can’t remember the last time I spent 4 whole days sans computer and I’m both loving the break and so bored I want to change my name to Bored McBoredface by deedpole.

It has given me the opportunity to take some photos for a new composite image though. I had the idea of doing the Lady In The Lake from King Arthur legend, so managed to mount my camera on a pole over the bath and took some pictures of myself under the water wearing a white dress and blonde wig.  It was a right sodding faff and I genuinely nearly drowned, so the end picture had better be good!

A couple of people have asked me what the sign I asked the Universe for was, bit I need to include a photo so will do a post on that when I get my laptop back.

Other than that I have little to tell you. My right arm is still stupidly painful so I physically can’t do much and my hips are stopping me from sleeping so I’m consequently knackered, but I was still determined to get out in the garden today during our mini heatwave and deadhead the flowers. Which I did for about 15 minutes before thinking “fuck this for a game of soldiers” and snoozing on the swing seat instead 😴.

This week I’m eagerly awaiting some print proofs from the printers. I’m finally taking the plunge and selling my pictures through a leading online gallery. It’s very exciting but there is a shed load of work involved, which of course I can only do in small bits on the days I feel well enough, so it’s all taking forever.  I think the universe gave me M.E. to deliberately slow me down because if I were healthy I’d be unstoppable 😁.

Until next week, stay safe x

3 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Louise McCrory

    Hope you can enjoy the whole enforced slow down. Sleeping on a swing seat sounds wonderful.
    Any photographs I’ve seen of yours have been world class. Do your neighbours not know what talent lives amongst them!!
    Have a great week. Xx



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