Weekly roundup

The weather has been gorgeous this week and the UK has now officially had the sunniest spring on record.  Thank God.  Can you imagine 2 months of lockdown if it had piddled down the whole time and we couldn’t even sit the in garden?!

My big news of the week…………..fanfare please……………..is that my shit-for-brains neighbour has finally consulted a solicitor and been told that no, neither he, his customers or delivery vehicles have the right to park/offload in my drive and block my garage so I can’t get in or out.  It’s taken 4½ years to get to this point, even though I’ve been telling him the entire time that his easement gives him the right to “pass and repass” over my drive, not fucking park as it blocks me in!

Has he apologised for putting me through 4 years of stress, including reducing me to tears, and for the money I’ve had to spend taking legal action against him?  That would be a big fat no.  Instead, he sent a really nasty letter to my solicitor accusing me of all sorts.  Apparently I am intimidating, have logs delivered and tipped in the driveway, have oil & coal deliveries which block his access, have food deliveries which block his access, and tell my dog to bark at his customers.  Really?  For a start I don’t have the energy to be intimidating.  For seconds I’m on mains gas and don’t have a log burner, oil central heating or a coal fire (but my neighbour does who also has an easement over my drive).  For thirds I have a Tesco delivery once a week who park on the main road outside my front gate as my kitchen is right next to the front door (but no.3 is a holiday cottage and they have food delivered).  And forthly the entire village can testify that I tell Bertie to “shut up!” 100 times a day because he’s a Mini Schnauzer and they love the sound of their own voice – I have never needed to tell him to bark because he does it all day, every day (this morning his first woof was at 5.20am to tell me he was bored and wanted to get up).  Other than rip out his vocal chords, which I have threatened to do on occasion, I’m not sure how I can get him to shut up and people visiting my property are just going to have to get over it.  My solicitor has had to write back correcting his accusations and asking what exactly he’s going to do to stop his customers and delivery men blocking my fucking drive!!

Monday I made my first forage to a superstore in 2½months.  I really haven’t been shopping since before lockdown and it was totally bizarre to have to queue outside to gain entry (good job the weather’s been nice!), wipe down my trolley handle, only go one way round the store down narrow aisles while trying to stay 2m away from everyone, and queue for 20 minutes to get to a checkout.  I wore my heavy duty DIY mask which is blue and makes me look like a Smurf, plus disposable gloves which were removed before I got back in the car so I didn’t transfer germs to my keys, door handles, steering wheel etc.  There is a lot to think about and my poorly brain struggled to remember all the rules and choose stuff to buy :-/  I’ve never much liked shopping and I like it even less now, though I was still pleased to have finally got hold of some suitably pongy manure with which to mulch my borders!

My GERD is really bad atm, and I’m coughing my head off.  Can you imagine if I’d had a coughing fit in the middle of B&Q?  Part of me wanted to, just to see what would happen 😁.

I had a really bad dizziness episode out of the blue Monday afternoon.  I was at my parents house minding my own business, when the world lurched to the side and I felt like I’d necked an entire bottle of vodka.  Driving home was not for the faint hearted and I felt rubbish for the rest of the day.

Wednesday I had a sodding awful migraine and had to go back to bed after lunch as I couldn’t function due to the pain.  It didn’t ease and I had to miss my zoom Camera Club meeting that night 😥.  I’m still being plagued by migraines and they need to do one.  I’ve absolutely had enough of this menopause malarky and am hoping to do a blog post about where I’m up to sometime this week.

Thursday, I woke with a really sore throat and swollen glands.  Ordinarily I would assume I’d caught a bug, but I know for sure that’s not the case so it’s obviously my M.E. playing up.  It still hasn’t gone and is making me feel crap.

Also on Thursday, my niece was in the village visiting a friend so popped by out of the blue 😊.  At that time, we still couldn’t sit in my garden for a natter so had to chat over the garden wall with her stood in the main road, but it was still brilliant to see someone different and have a change of conversation.

Of course, our-leader-with-the-wild-hair announced on Friday that we can now meet up to 6 people in our gardens so long as we socially distance.  Whooo, hoooooo!  My Mum and Dad came for a drive out and we all sat and had a brew in the sunshine and it was fab-a-lous.

In amongst everything, the deadline for a competition I wanted to enter was looming so I had to crack on and get my images done.  The photos had to be taken in your place of lockdown, ie home, after 15th March.  I’m entering the Lockdown one you’ve already seen, but I also managed to do this one which I’m calling Surviving the Storm.  Don’t ask me how I managed to photograph rain and lightning, because if I told you I’d then have to kill you 😉.  I won’t hold my breath the pictures will do well, but it’s given me something to do.

That’s all my news for this week.  As soon as Bertie comes back from his walk I’m off to visit a nearby nursery to see if I can get some bedding plants – wish me luck and stay safe!




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