Weekly roundup

My roundup is a little late on account of the fact I’d forgotten it’s Sunday.  Is it just me who has no clue what day, let alone date, it is?!

I’d got half my garden project done when freezing rain arrived, after 2 months of almost continual sunshine.  It was a relief in a way because I was in agony and beyond knackered, so it’s given me a chance to rest and recuperate a bit. I’m really enjoying the achievement of doing a task I’ve thought about for years, but it’s not without cost to my health.  I’ve had a couple of days this week where I simply haven’t been able to get out of bed, and have been so zonked I’ve gone back to sleep after lunch – something I never usually do.  On the plus-side, my continual migraine finally seems to have bogged off for which I am eternally grateful.

I learned that a small number of staff at the Medical Centre in a nearby town have gone down with Covid-19 this week.  How is anyone still getting infected when we’ve all been on lockdown for 2 months and practising social distancing for weeks before that?!  You’re not allowed to visit the Medical Centre if you have any symptoms of Covid, so it’s not like the doctors should have been coming into contact with the virus in the first place, and even if the odd patient was infected but asymptomatic all the medical staff wear full PPE (ie gloves, masks, aprons) and are fastidious about infection control.  Very odd.

My sister-in-law had another really bad reaction to her chemo on Monday, and has been ill ever since.  She usually picks up by about Thursday, but this time she hasn’t yet made it out of bed and nothing is helping the nausea/vomiting 😥.  Thank God her last one is in 3 weeks time, then she can switch to radiotherapy.

We had another Zoom meeting with my Camera Club on Weds evening.  This time we tried a competition, which went remarkably well but didn’t finish til 10.15pm – I was so wired afterwards it was well after midnight before I managed to go to sleep, but it was still a fun night and great to be doing something different.

Thurs I had a lovely long chat with my bestie on the phone.  We haven’t seen each other for over 2 months now and I’m really missing our lunches out and having a good old natter.  Now that lockdown has been relaxed we’re hoping to meet up in a public place sometime in the next week, when the weather has picked up again.

The rest of the time I’ve been trying to stay on top of the washing and cleaning, which has been tough when I’ve felt so exhausted.  I’ve given up on even trying to tackle the paperwork mountain which continues to grow on the hall table and can only pray it doesn’t contain something vital!  I really must get some photos together for a big international competition too, the closing date for which is Friday.  I currently need lightning for a picture I’m working on, so am trying to find ways of faking it – watch this space and pray I don’t electrocute myself or blow the house to smithereens 😉.




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