Weekly roundup

The spring weather has been glorious here this week.  It’s been the only saving grace of the pandemic.  I can’t imagine our mental health if it had rained the past 2 months and we’d been shut up indoors under grey skies.

Monday I went to help my parents as usual.  I’d only had 2 hours sleep due to my 10th migraine in 12 days, and had been up since 6am ordering stuff for my Mum’s upcoming 80th birthday, trying to make it special even though she’ll still be in lockdown.  I then cleaned their whole apartment, despite the fact my own house is minging, and helped them with various other jobs including doing their weekly Tesco shop.  My Mum, though, was snappy and I really didn’t need it.  As I was driving home, totally exhausted and in pain, I burst into tears at the fact I’d spent the entire day thinking of her and helping out yet she was still narky.

Instead of letting it fester, however, I rang her when I got home and told her it wasn’t acceptable.  She says she doesn’t even know she’s doing it, which I find hard to believe.  She did apologise and say how much she appreciates me, and I know she does, but that still doesn’t make her behaviour any easier to cope with on the days when I’m low myself.

During the 6 weeks of bed bug hell I slept in the lounge and actually enjoyed being downstairs and in a different room during the day, so wondered how I could make this a permanent thing.  However, due to the narrow corridors in my cottage I can only get a small, 2 seater sofa into the room which isn’t large enough to lie down on and I do need to lie down for parts of the day.  I didn’t want a bed in my lounge, though, so having looked at the options I decided to buy a day-bed which is the size of a single bed.   It’s meant losing my dining table, but to be fair I only use it once a year at Christmas, and I’ll get daily use out of the day-bed.  I went for an open, metal framed one so that it doesn’t look too bulky in my tiny room and bought a separate, quality, pocket sprung mattress.  It’s really comfortable and I’m enjoying not being upstairs in my bedroom quite so much.


My migraines have been horrendous the past 2 weeks and my brain fog has been dreadful.  I’ve also been MEish (poleaxed and fluey) and bleeding the entire time – not heavy, just a light period – but obviously my hormones are in their final hurrah and causing me no end of grief.  Bugger off already and do us both a favour.

At 8.25am on Wednesday morning the phone rang.  No-one rings me at that time of the day and when I picked up an automated voice said it was my bank and “someone had been trying to use my credit card”.  It then told me to press 1 as they needed more details.  A scam, obviously, so I put the phone down. But it preyed on my mind – what if it were kosha – so I rang my bank to check.  Forty minutes on hold later I finally got through to the fraud department and bugger me it was real!  A company I’d never heard of had tried to take 27p off my credit card just to test the waters, so I was very impressed my bank had picked up on it and contacted me.  The annoying part is the only place I use my credit card is Amazon – I use Paypal just about everywhere else – but I have no clue which company I’ve used on Amazon is fruadulent.  The upshot is I’ve had to be issued a new card *sigh*.

Thursday I delivered groceries to my vulnerable friends in the next town, staying at my disabled friend’s for a couple of hours to give him some company.  I take a flask of tea and a biscuit and we sit in his garden at opposite ends of a humongous table and shout at each other (he’s a bit deaf, so this is more frustrating than it sounds!).

Friday he rang me in a panic.  He’s an insulin dependent diabetic and usually gets his monthly prescription from the supermarket pharmacy when he does he grocery shopping, however he’s in lockdown and I’m doing his shopping via Tesco online.  Last month, I found a volunteer nurse who offered to collect his prescription for him but this month when he rang her she just didn’t ring him back, so he was stuck and was already a day over-due for his injection.  So I rang my lovely niece, who offered to get it for him and bring it out to my house.  My friend then said he’d pick it up from mine, as it gave him a ride out.

He can barely stand and can only walk about 6 steps, which means he is largely housebound.  He’s been wanting a mobility scooter for several months plus a shed to house it in, but despite lots of discussions on the subject he simply doesn’t get anything organized.  I realized recently that it’s all just too much for him, so as he’s really bored during the lockdown I decided to split it into weekly tasks to make it easier and to give him something to do.

The first week I simply asked him to decide what size shed he needs.  The second week I asked him to decide what colour and material the shed should be made from.  I then found a list of 3 companies who will both deliver and erect the shed, and asked him this week to ring them to get quotes.  That turned out to be too much, so I emailed the most local firm and asked them to ring him which worked well and he’s now just waiting for them to get back to him with a price.

This week we are thinking about mobility scooters.  I have a 3 wheeler, but he insisted he wouldn’t feel safe on one despite the fact he’s never tried it.  So while he was here on Friday collecting his prescription I gave him a go on mine.  He loved it!  I knew he would.  Despite being 76 he’s still very image-conscious, and a total snob if I’m honest, and the thought of going round on an ‘old persons’ scooter wasn’t doing anything for him.  My scooter, OTOH, is based on a Harley Davidson trike and looks much cooler than your average disability scooter.  So this week his challenge is to decide which scooter he wants to buy.  I think he’ll go with one of these, both of which are really quite cool looking!

drive easy rider

Drive royale3 scooter


Why am I the one to organize all this though, when he has 2 grown sons and adult grand-children?!  Although none live nearby they could be doing his weekly Tesco shop from wherever they are in the country and having it delivered to his house.  He’s been a good Dad from what I can see and I don’t know how children live with themselves leaving a very disabled, elderly, somewhat confused, widowed parent to basically fend for themself.  Even when they come to visit they do bugger all in the house – all his unpacking when he moved was left to me, despite the fact I have 2 disabled parents of my own to look after and am ILL MYSELF!

We’re expecting an announcement from our Prime Minister this evening, slackening the lockdown restrictions.  We’re still at critical levels here in Britain so it won’t be much, but I do hope he allows car travel and being able to leave the house for longer periods of time.  I’m really missing my photography and being able to sit by the river for a couple of hours capturing the bird life.  You watch, though, we’ll be able to leave the house but it will piddle down all week and be too cold to go anywhere!

Until next week my friends – stay safe x







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