Weekly roundup

The good news is that the weather has been gorgeous this week.  The bad news is I spent 3 days with a migraine and could barely open the curtains let alone go out in the sunshine.  FFS I’m so over the whole head pain thing.

It was my bestie’s birthday, which she spent largely alone as her partner is still working.  We usually always go out for lunch and this year had also booked to go to a comedy show, which we were both looking forward to cos we never go anywhere.  “Not to worry”, I thought, “I’ll send her a nice gift instead with a funny card to cheer her up” and I pay extra so that it will arrive on her Big Day.  I check my account and it tells me it’s been delivered, phew, only when I ring said bestie she hasn’t got it.  FFS.  It arrives the day after, but that’s not the same as getting it on The Day is it, especially when your birthday is already a bit shit.

My Mum will be 80 in the next few weeks.  We’d planned a family dinner out, which I know both my parents were looking forward to because it’s rare all of us get together, but of course that won’t happen now.  You can’t get turning 80 back so it makes me really sad that such a huge milestone won’t be properly celebrated, particularly when none of us thought she’d ever reach that age due to her health.

The grocery delivery saga continues.  I’ve had a weekly shop with Tesco for over 20 years.  I started when I was bedridden and I still really struggle to visit a supermarket – so much mental stimulation hurts my poorly brain, not to mention the physical effort of bag lifting, plus it’s a 54 mile round trip to my nearest Tesco supermarket so it’s not like I can just pop in for some milk.

Several years ago when my Mum became wheelchair dependent I also registered my parents address under my account (they don’t have access to the internet) so that I can also do a weekly shop for them and have it delivered to their house.  This meant that during the lockdown my parents were fine for groceries and I could shop for my very disabled, confused and elderly friend in the next town who lives alone with no family near, as well as another vulnerable older couple who also have no family near, in with my weekly order – we’re just managing to stay under the 80 item limit.  I then deliver these groceries to them myself.

At the start of lockdown, though, every man and his dog started clammering for home grocery delivery and it quickly became impossible to get a slot.  However, you can register shielded people for priority slots on the government’s website but I made the mistake of saying my parents didn’t currently need help with shopping – it was true, because I was shopping online for them.  The consequence was that she wasn’t listed as needing priority shopping deliveries.

Then Tesco, in their wisdom, reduced deliveries to 1 per household and because Mum is registered under my account it wouldn’t let me deliver to her house at all.  FFS (I seem to be saying that a LOT lately).  So I would have to get her shopping delivered to my house and take it through to town afterwards, which is fine but it meant I then couldn’t shop for my disabled and vulnerable elderly friends due to the 80 item limit 😦  And, yes, I know you can get a tiny box of essentials like bread and milk delivered by volunteers but it’s not the same as a £50 shop is it?

I rang to explain the situation to Tesco and they said there was nothing they could do.  So I emailed the CEO of Tesco, whose minion did reply………saying there was nothing they could do.  Which is bollocks, they fucking own Tesco and can do whatever they like!

Not to be deterred, I registered Mum for her own account on the Tesco website (some supermarkets like Sainsburys aren’t allowing new customers to register, but Tesco still are).  I then went on the government’s website and re-registered my Mum, this time saying she needed help with shopping.  I then rang Tesco again, and explained my Mum was on the shielded list and should have access to priority slots but was told that because it was a new account she couldn’t have them and there was nothing they could do.  Really?  Like…..REALLY?!  They could check my account and see that my parents have been having weekly deliveries for 7 years!  This is the way Tesco thanks me for 2 decades of loyalty to their company.

So I register her with Morrisons and get a non-priority slot without a problem!

However, this morning my Mum (aka me) gets an email from Tesco to say “hurrahh, the government has told us you are being shielded so you now have access to priority delivery slots!”  So I go online and sure enough get her a slot for this Thursday!!  There are no other slots available when I try to book for May, but it’s a start.  I can’t use my delivery saver plan on her account so she’ll have to pay for delivery, but it’s not like anyone cares at this point.

The government are saying they are doing all they can to help the vulnerable, but actually our lives (which are already difficult on a normal day) are being made so much harder in legions of ways.  I might do a post about that at some stage.

To cope with all the stress, and due to my migraines giving me a ravenous appetite which I can’t control, this week I have eaten my own body weight in Pringles and Haribo gummy bears.  In several months time, when lockdown is lifted for the vulnerable, I’ll still be housebound.  It’s not that I won’t be allowed to leave the house, it’s that I won’t be able to leave the house because I’ll be too fat to fit through the front door 😉

7 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. vronella

    Hi jak
    So glad you decided to continue to post. Love your blog warts and all. And yes it is a great way for you to release any pent up feelings. I am so glad I have reasonable health so don’t have to put up with all you do. Keep up the rants and giving us such great insight into your health and life in your village.
    I look forward each day to see if you have posted and read with relish what’s been happening. You and Liz Jones ( Mail on Sunday) are a breath of fresh air with your blog / diary. Don’t let the nastiness and bitterness of a few take away the pleasure of reading about your life and challenges from the majority.


  2. sarah002685

    Morning 😀
    I had to register on the government website myself as my GP’s surgery missed me off the list. My consultant told me this week that I was in the shielded group so along with the message from the gov I rang my GP surgery and I finally got my letter
    In order to get priority slots and other help so I have to go back online and register again or is it automatic now. Does the GP surgery contact the government to put me on the list?
    So confusing
    Have you seen that they are expecting a high number of people to end up with chronic fatigue from having coronavirus
    At last we are being recognised
    Take care, Sarah XX


    1. Jak Post author

      Hi Sarah

      The fact you are on the shielded list seems to have no benefits with it whatsoever. My Mum doesn’t even have her 11 prescription medications delivered which we were gobsmacked about! Her GP suggested I go and pick them up from the health centre pharmacy, even though she’s also my GP and knows I’m in the vulnerable group 😮

      From our experience, even though I registered my Mum on the gvt site I said she didn’t need help as she had family. Big mistake because then she got no help – she does have family, but I’m housebound and in the vulnerable group and my brother is shielding to care for his wife who is having chemotherapy, so none of us can physically visit a supermarket. So if you do need it, you have to say when you register on the gvt website that you can’t get shopping etc. to get priority slots. Obviously only do this if you do need the help, otherwise you are depriving people who need the help from receiving it. Once you’ve done this wait a few days and if you are already registered with a supermarket they should email you.

      I agree, the gvt aren’t making what you have to do clear to anyone!

      Jak x


      1. sarah002685

        Thanks Jak. I don’t have anyone to help. My mum is isolating 60 miles away as she’s in the vulnerable group and my son is still at Uni
        If he was here, he couldn’t go out became he mighty bring the virus home. I’m lucky at the moment and have been able to get an Asda slot and medication delivered
        I must admit, companies like pharmacies that don’t help maybe boycotted in the future when people get to choose

        Liked by 1 person

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