Dealing with fuckwits

I was really upset by my encounter with my fuckwit neighbour yesterday, who chastised me for driving within the tiny hamlet in which I live to take exercise (I am disabled).  I thought about it last night and decided that a response was needed, so I wrote him an email:

“Dear x

Following on from our conversation yesterday by the Wood, I just wanted to write to you to let you know the impact your actions had.

You know me.  You know I live alone and have serious health issues.  I currently have NO HELP and am living in total isolation.

My parents are both 80 years old.  My Dad can hardly walk as he’s waiting for a double hip replacement and his operation has been cancelled.  My Mum has half a lung, severe COPD, has had a heart attack and has kidney disease.  She WILL die if she contracts Covid-19.

Despite being ill myself, I am their main carer.  My bother, sister-in-law and family usually help but as they are all essential workers (my niece is a police officer) and my sister in law was diagnosed with cancer last month and is starting chemotherapy on Monday, they are not allowed to visit my parents.  I have been on severe lockdown for 2½ weeks now so that I can continue to visit and care for them.  It’s hard work on my own when I am also ill.

My Dad became acutely ill on Tuesday.  He was so poorly on Saturday morning I needed a doctor, but the surgery was shut.  I was directed to 111.  I was on hold for 2 hours, then was disconnected and had to start queueing all over again.  I was on hold for another 2 hours, then again disconnected.  I had to eventually go online and lie that my Dad was bleeding just to get a doctor to ring me back.

We waited 6 hours for the doctor to visit.  My Dad had a raging infection and needed urgent medication.  Because of all this, I forgot to charge my mobility scooter.

I currently have around 30 people a day from the village walking 4 feet away from my front door.  The village is really busy with people taking exercise, which we are all allowed to do for an hour each day.  Which is why I am trying to take my daily air on the edge of the village.  As you know, I often come down the road to the Wood on my scooter but as my battery was flat yesterday I felt it was fine to use my car to separate me from people so that I could have a short walk.  And it was short, because I’m currently in a lot of pain.

I’m not sure why you took offence to me taking photographs as I walked?  I didn’t take offence to you being on the verge spraying, when that is not exercise and you should be within your home.  We all have to pass the time somehow, and if that’s your choice it’s none of my business.

I have to visit town in my car to care for my parents.  I often stop off on the way home to walk my dog in the area which I live.  This is allowed during the current restrictions, as it is classed as essential travel and daily exercise.  The people whose cars you have been policing (not your job by the way, and the reason we have a police force) may have been locals doing the same thing.

I cried after my encounter with you.  I have had the week from hell and was only doing what I am allowed to do, while trying to stay as far away from the public walking in the village as I could to keep myself and my parents safe.

Be a hero.  Knowing I live alone and am totally isolated, it would have been much nicer of you to ring me and offer help, or shopping, or just a chat to break the isolation.  The lady in the village who I employ to walk my dog for me each weekday morning, and who needs the cash as neither she nor her husband are currently allowed to work, are now afraid to drive to my home to take him out because of the actions of people like you.

We are all tetchy and living in a way we are finding difficult.  Helping, not criticizing, each other is crucial to getting through.”

5 thoughts on “Dealing with fuckwits

  1. Elaine Stammers

    Well written and he deserves this letter. What he does with it I guess is another matter. I hope it shames him and doesn’t make him more aggressive (sadly the world is full of people who don’t react well to criticism even if what is said is true). If he already knew that you are disabled and life is very hard for you, then his response to you was even more shameful.

    Did you address it to ‘Dear Fuckwit’ by the way 🙂 I bet you felt like it?


  2. Crew Dog

    I dunno if you’ve already sent this email, but I would advise you not to admit in writing to an untrusted individual that you lied to 111 – that could come back to bite you. Sending well wishes –


    1. Jak Post author

      It sounds worse than it is! He had bled from his back passage the day before, but not actually on that day. But I said it was on that day too to get the GP to ring. Good job I did, as he could have ended up with sepsis from a raging 5 day old infection, so I don’t think anyone will be carting me off to jail.



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