Weekly roundup

Why on God’s green earth are people panic buying toilet roll?  You don’t sneeze out of your arse and if you have to self isolate for 2 weeks how much bog roll would you actually need?  I’m lucky if I use 1 roll a week.  I’m continually amazed by the sheer lunacy of the human race – the greed and selfishness being displayed by so many doesn’t surprise me at all I’m sad to say :-/

I had a little bit of good news for a change this week.  My insurance company has agreed to fund my legal action against my shit-for-brains neighbour, though as yet won’t agree to an injunction as we need to try mediation first.  Even if said neighbour agrees to mediation, which I doubt as it means he’ll have to pay half the fee, I can’t see it working.  I haven’t persuaded him in the last 4 years that just because he wants to use my drive as a car park doesn’t mean he legally can and he completely ignored the recent letter sent by my solicitor, so I don’t think reason is high on his list of personality traits.  However, if he ignores the mediation request or attends but won’t agree to stop his behaviour, it only serves to help my case if it does go to court.

I discovered this week I was one of 600,000 Tesco customers whose clubcard accounts had attempted to be hacked, using a list of emails and passwords previously stolen from christ knows where.  I had no idea my email and password were on a stolen list and discovered they had probably been nicked in 2017, along with 711 million other people’s details.  I don’t use the same password for everything but I do use the same password for multiple sites, so have been busy this week changing them all.  Firefox will now randomly generate a password for you, so I’ve been using that and writing it down (yes, I know you shouldn’t write passwords down but as I use over 100 sites how else do I remember them especially if they are random and have no meaning to me?!).  If you want to check whether your email addresses or passwords have ever been stolen/hacked you can check them on the Have I Been Pwned website (thanks to my bestie for telling me about this site!).

Right, time to get up and at it.  At least it’s not teeming down this morning for our walk – it’s such a palaver getting all my wet weather gear on, then on my scooter and covering both it and me with a huge plastic cape.  It’s rained every day for the better part of 4 months here in the north of England and it’s getting everyone down.  Just you watch, the sun will finally come out and we’ll all be confined to our houses due to bloody Coronavirus!




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