Weekly roundup

I’m trying to be philosophical about the house move falling through, but in my heart I am devastated.  I know it’s lucky I found out about the roof and the sewage before I bought it, because if I’d found out after I have no clue how I would have funded the repairs, but it still feels cruel for the Universe to have finally shown me the perfect home only for it to be snatched away at the 11th hour.  There is one thing I know for sure: if just one more person says to me “it’ll be fine, the right house will come along you’ll see” I will break both their kneecaps.  I live in a rural area with a recognized housing shortage and that is the reality of the situation.  It’s like being single, and people telling me the right man will come along.  No, he won’t.  I’ve lived on my own for 23 years FFS.  There is no knight-in-shining armour and even if there were he isn’t going to want to take on someone who is forced to spend 18 hours of every day in bed and even when she’s not in bed is too tired to fucking do anything.

Now I am being forced to stay put, I absolutely have to tackle the issue with my neighbour’s customers blocking my drive.  I had already written to him a year ago, which had zero effect, so in November I instructed my solicitor to issue him with a pre-action protocol letter stating that if he persisted we would begin court proceedings without further notice.  He was given 28 days to reply to the letter………and we are still waiting.  He was also instructed to erect signs to direct his customers not to park on my land which he hasn’t done either, so it’s clear he has no intention of sorting the problem out.

Luckily, I have £50,000 of legal cover as part of my home insurance so this week I’ve opened a case with my insurers to proceed with court action for an injunction.  I’m now waiting to hear back as to whether they will take the case on, but I can’t see any reason why not – easements are covered under my policy, I’ve already done the required groundwork by writing to him and having my solicitor write to him, and I have 4 pages of CCTV photographic evidence from the past 2 months alone.  All of this because he didn’t give the need to park and offload heavy furniture a seconds thought when he took on the lease, even though it’s vital for his customers.  The premises simply aren’t suitable for a furniture business and that is the top and bottom of it.

We are having a once-in-seven-year storm here in the UK today and as I type this 70mph  winds and lashing rain are battering my windows.  I’m spending the day unpacking as I need my spare bedroom, which currently looks like a cardboard box warehouse, back.  I’m missing my photography, which is my stress release, and need to get back to some kind of normality and officially let go of the dream :-/




5 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. danieljuk

    I’m sorry the new place didn’t work out. It seems so complicated to deal with! A lot of new builds down here now have septic tanks, a builder with the dog people in my local park was telling me that all the utility companies now charge a fortune for connecting new builds to the mains, so they can save money with no sewer connection but it seems to then become a minefield and also you never know in an old building all the dodgy things that happened in the past that are not lawful now!

    I have some friends who bought a house around the corner from me. When I was a child, I had a childhood friend who lived there (he was the son of a Greek Diplomat here and the Greek Embassy paid for the house for them), it was nice then. 25 years later my family friends were interested in the place and they paid for a survey and paid more for a house that was all modernised and in good condition so they didn’t have a lot of work to do. When they moved in, they found out it was in a terrible condition and it was all covered up by cosmetic tricky and coats of paint! They have had to redo every room. They tried to sue the surveyor about the report because there was negligence in their surveying but were told there was no chance of winning and it would cost them more than the work to get the house in good working order. So they stayed and gradually over the next tens have worked on it all. But they were so left down by the survey! Since their time, the lady told me that the surveys are much more strict! When someone sells they have to declare anything in the house and have a quick survey, you can pay for a more advanced survey if you wish. Then the survey was entirely the responsibility of the buyer and in this case was a quick look around each room 😮

    So I was worried for you about what other things would you find out about later that were not revealed! I feel so sad for you and it must be such a blow for planning your future. I am glad you are taking action against this b*stard next door with the cars. I hope the perfect home comes your way which fits perfectly! I am sure it will, I have optimism! I think the renovation could have become a nightmare even if they lowered the price. sending hugs


    1. danieljuk

      I should point out my greek school friend moved away when I was about 10, it was so sad in my childhood and we kept in touch for some years. The house had about 20 years between them and my friends and probably many owners, I think it might have been rented out but every room needed a lot of work! 😮

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    2. Jak Post author

      Thanks for the hugs Dan. I actually took action against the surveyor after I moved into my current cottage because I found issues he definitely should have picked up on but didn’t. Luckily he agreed he was at fault and it was sorted out – so important to get a proper building survey done and not just a home buyers esp if the property is older xoxo


  2. Helen

    Hi chick
    I’m sure you’ve already considered this, but, if not, would it be worth complaining to the council (via your Solicitor?) regarding this man’s business and how it affects your householder rights? He will have had to gain planning permission to run a business from those premises, and what has been given could possibly be taken away…?
    Just another angle to try?
    (Either that or buy a bulk supply of drawing pins and cover the drive in them… 😉)


    1. Jak Post author

      Thanks for your concern Helen. Unfortunately it’s a complicated situation. The commercial buildings are owned by someone, who has planning for business. He then leases out to someone who used the buildings for 10 years but they got too small so he moved to larger premises, but still has 2 years remaining on the lease. So it’s sub-leased to the current dickhead. Neither the owner or original lease-holder can be held liable for dickhead’s actions, so unfortunately my only option is an injuction against dickhead.



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