Weekly roundup

Britain is out of the European Union.  I couldn’t give a flying fuck.  It’s been 3 years of hysteria and I’m so over it I can’t even tell you.  I thought the catastrophists would shut up now it’s happened and there’s no going back, but no.  The internet is full of folks hanging their heads and saying “we’re doomed.  Doooooomed”.  Oh shut the hell up.  168 countries around the world don’t belong to the EU and they manage to survive, including some European countries such as Norway which isn’t bankrupt, while Greece and Ireland who are members of the EU are.   In fact, Norway was voted the best country to live in on the planet by the United Nations 12 years in a row and I’ve decided I’m going to move there if the whining Remainers don’t zip it.  I genuinely think they want Britain to go down the toilet now just so they can say “told you we were right to want to stay in Europe” while they look down at both the feet they’ve just shot.

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I have had the week from hell.  I had the survey results back on the bungalow which shows it needs a new roof and entire sewage system at a cost of £30,000.  I don’t have an extra £3000 let alone £30,000 so have had to request a price reduction from the seller.  The roof has come in at a staggering £17,000 which everyone is saying is outrageous.  However, my little cottage has a roof footprint of 550 square feet and when I had it re-roofed 11 years ago it cost £6000, so if I tell you the bungalow has a 5 times larger footprint at 2,500 square feet you can see why it’s so expensive :-/   It took me 7 months to secure this property and the sale is now precariously close to falling through.   I’m barely eating or sleeping and feel like I’ve been run over by a bus.

After my sarcastic letter to the rheumatologist about my Dad’s positive focal lymphocytic sialadenitis lip biopsy, he finally replied.  He tells us that although my Dad’s score =1 it needs to be >1 for Sjogren’s Syndrome.  I’ve now looked at every research paper I can find on the subject and no-one mentions a =1 score.  If you are <1 you don’t have SS, if you are >1 you do have SS –  no fucking mention of =1 *sigh*.  He also said that demylinating polyneuropathy isn’t a feature of SS, but my Dad doesn’t have demylinating polyneuropathy – he has sensorimotor polyneuropathy which is a feature of SS.   After 3 years of trying to get diagnosed with whatever is ailing him my Dad just wants to give up, and I can’t say I blame him.

My sister-in-law found out on Friday she is thankfully negative for the HER2 protein which accelerates the rate of tumour growth.   Her lumpectomy is booked for 13th Feb, but in the meantime she is having the Oncotype DX test as she is oestrogen receptor positive but HER2 negative.  The test predicts how likely the cancer is to return after surgery and determines whether she needs chemotherapy or not – results take 3 weeks to come back from America.  When I think about what she’s facing it puts everything to do with the house into perspective.  If the sale falls through it falls through.  I am already lucky enough to live in a beautiful home – it’s not like I’m dying or facing life on the streets.

I’ve been pretty miserable this week, but am the kind of person who can’t cope with misery for long.  Life is too feckin short and I even get on my own nerves when I’m moping about being negative.  I am already lucky enough to have everything I need and if I happen to get what I want it’s just the cherry on the cake.

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