Weekly roundup

I have no clue what I’ve been up to this week, as every day has passed in a busy, stressful blur.  Having an almost permanent migraine hasn’t helped the situation and neither has the fact that I’ve been waking at 4am virtually every morning and not being able to get back to sleep.  I’ve also managed to sublux something in my upper spine and yesterday had horrible pain throughout my back and chest.  Thanks for that Universe.

The house sale is progressing.  I’ve received the quote from my cousin Bob re the building work, which is £5000 more money than I possess.  Fuck-a-doole-do.  No quotes yet from the trades, so it will depend what they say as to whether I get the internal layout I want at the bungalow or have to settle for what is already there.

However, a potentially big issue has arisen in regards to the septic tank which treats the poop (the village is off the mains sewerage grid).  More on that on my renovation blog.

My buyers are also stressing me out.  They want to move asap and don’t seem to appreciate things with the house I’m buying are complicated as it’s a renovation project and empty with the elderly owner living 30 miles away, plus I’m ill and on my own.  The parents of the buyers (who I don’t know) even had the cheek to rock up at my door, unannounced and uninvited, on Monday offering to help me pack!  We are only 4 weeks into the buying/selling process as I only had my offer accepted on the bungalow 4 days before Xmas and nothing happened until 5th Jan due to the holidays, so they need to chill their fucking boots or I’m going to lose my cool.

My si-l had her second appointment in respect to her cancer diagnosis and they confirmed an invasive tumour with oestrogen receptors.  They now have to test for HER2, which can affect the rate of growth of the tumour.  She has been told, however, that a lumpectomy and radiation is a really good option for treatment though it is still up to her if she wants a mastectomy.  She’s mulling it over and goes back on Friday, but has been promised treatment will start within 6-8 weeks.  The whole family, plus my s-i-l’s brother and family, were supposed to be going on a very expensive holiday to America next month to celebrate my s-i-l’s 50th birthday but of course that’s now impossible.  Thankfully the insurance have said it’s fine and have agreed they can postpone the trip to whenever, but her brother is still going as they would lose thousands of pounds.

I really don’t have anything lighthearted or exciting to report this week.  It’s going to be a difficult few months, during which I will inevitably have to cope with stressy Jak, who is chilled Jak’s evil twin – we usually keep her chained in the cellar but she has occasionally been known to escape out the window and go on the rampage.  My sense of humour is considering a short break in the South of France and returning when stressy Jak is back under lock and key, while that part of my energy responsible for personal hygiene has already packed its bags and boarded a plane 😉


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