The Renovation Project

Due to my health problems, and thinking about the future and my old age, I’ve spent 5 years looking for a single storey bungalow to call my forever home.  I knew I’d probably end up with a renovation project because that’s all I could afford, and in any event as this will be my last house I want it how I want it rather than a layout which suits a family or couple, but there simply wasn’t much available in my area and I didn’t want to move too far because not only do I love where I live but I also have my parents nearby to consider.

So I was just about to give up hope when I had an offer accepted on a knackered 1970s ugly pebbled dashed village bungalow the week before Christmas, less than 4 miles from where I currently live!   I’m both excited and absolutely terrified, not only of the amount of work involved but the fact I am alone and chronically ill – a house move on its own would be hard enough, but to move into a house which has a mouldy, sinking concrete floor and an olive green corner bath is insanity 😉

My friends and family have asked to see the plans and pictures, but due to my lack of both time and energy I decided the easiest thing to do was blog about the project, so if any of you would like to follow along I’d be glad of the company 🙂  To see more about the background to the move click the About menu at the top of the page – the photos and plans are also there.

I don’t know whether I’m being extraordinarily brave, or extraordinarily stupid, but it’s happening so wish me luck!



5 thoughts on “The Renovation Project

    1. sarah002685

      Hmmm, it won’t recognise my email address as being valid in order to follow it 🤬 I’ve tried my other one too
      With regards to the bungalow….wow, it really is 70’s. My mum and dad had that kitchen in turquoise (the same colour as the post comment button)
      Does the person in the living room photo come with the house? How much did they cost? 😉 I was really jealous of the double garage. Would make a fantastic workroom with power tools. Basically a “man cave”
      Now my son now being at Uni, I’ve decided to rearrange my house in terms of using the rooms. I have a separate dining room which I’m turning into my living room as it’s a better view of the garden and also the sofa in there is like a bed so I can get up during the day. It’s an extension and has a non insulated flat roof so is freezing at the mo. I’m going to try and get that done this summer if I can physically manage workmen in. I’m going to also use it as my craft room. I’m going to keep the living room as a mess free clean space that if people come round I can close the door on my craft room and don’t then have the worry about tidying up. Also, the same for when I need an ambulance. Sorry I had to just skim read at the mo. Are you going to turn one of your bedrooms into a craft/project room. When I saw the bank of wardrobes which you will probably get rid of, I thought to myself how fantastic they would be at storing craft materials
      I feel really shitty snd embarrassed that my house is a mess, but it’s because I’ve emptied cupboards in the summer in order to sort through and throw stuff out in order to accommodate my new craft materials only to end up with fractures in my feet and a throat infection affecting my heart so I was missing every 4th to 10th heartbeat. Oh sorry to go on. Anyhoo, bloody frustrating as I’m excited by my new plans. So what I’m saying is I get how you feel with regards to building works and dealing with a body that is unpredictable and doesn’t play ball
      Thanks for the link. I will be following as it’s my guilty pleasure 🤗 Take care. Sarah x


      1. Jak Post author

        Really hope you get your house sorted Sarah – as you say, very excited if totally exhausting!

        I’ll be using the annexe on the end of the house as a photography studio, but not until the main house is ready to live in.

        Sorry you couldn’t sign up via email. I’ve just tried it and all is well, so not sure what the issue is. I do know if you use any kind of ad blocker, like ABP, you have to disarm that first.

        Jak x

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