When I’ve made a mistake I’m the first person to hold my hand up and say “I’ve boobed” and it seems I’ve made a huge mistake in judging WordPress harshly.  I said recently that the Powers That Be wouldn’t give a crap about my blog or the fact their advertising strategy was making it difficult for my readers, but I was wrong.  Public apology to WordPress.

Not only did I hear back from Matt, founder of WordPress, when I emailed him recently about my problems, today I’ve had a comment here on my blog from co-founder Ryan Boren – awesome 🙂  Ryan is autistic and disabled and totally gets my frustration regarding the advertising, in particular being hijacked by flashing or moving images, and has promised to look at the situation.  It’s reassuring to know that someone cares, though I’m sure the fact he will sadly have faced many similar situations in his own life has contributed to his empathy and understanding.

Here’s hoping Ryan and his team can find a solution.  Let me say again that I am not against advertising per se.  We all have to make a living and there are a lot of people going to a lot of effort to provide WordPress.com freely for us to use and enjoy and advertising is the price we pay.  However, making the site available for all users regardless of disability by not placing adverts actually in amongst blog posts (the end or side menus are fine) and being able to disable any flashing or moving images, or even worse for someone with a brain like mine those ads which suddenly play music or speak which sends my entire nervous system into meltdown, would be The Bomb (before anyone asks, yes I have heard of Adblock Plus and use it virtually everywhere online – I rarely get hijacked by ads when it’s enabled.  However, it can and does disable certain aspects of some websites which then make them impossible to use – if you enable it on WordPress, for example, it blocks all the sharing buttons and like counts and follow-me popups).

I’m sure a solution can be found and am hugely grateful that Ryan is willing to help 🙂

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