Weekly roundup

OMG I have the raging lergie and feel like the undead.  It feels so unfair – I don’t have the resources to be sick on top of being sick.  It started on Tuesday with one of the worst sore throats I think I’ve ever had.  Every time I lay down I felt like I was choking and my entire oesophagus felt inflamed.  I didn’t feel ill with it though – that came later.

Wednesday I woke up streaming.  Every time I moved my head my nose dripped and trust me when I say my nose isn’t exactly small 😉  I still didn’t feel poorly but, though I was off my food.

Thursday I woke and the streaming had stopped, but in its place was feeling like I’d been run over by a bus, which had backed up and run over me again just to make sure I was truly dead.  I had zero energy, my head pounded and every part of me ached.  I took my temperature which was normal, then spent the day drinking elderflower codial like a woman lost in a desert and consequently peeing like a race horse.

Friday I woke sounding like Donald Duck.  My throat was on fire and my neck was visibly swollen.  No ulcers though, or puss, so it isn’t tonsilitis – just a virulent virus which everyone I know has succumbed to.  My voice had almost totally gone and I ached from head to toe.  I only got 3 hours sleep that night because every time I lay down I either started coughing or felt like I was choking.  It didn’t help that I was woken at 2.15am by what sounded like someone tap dancing on my bedroom ceiling in hob nailed boots but which was probably just a little vole scuttling about.  It needs to eat the poison that’s up there quick smart and die!

Saturday my throat was worse than ever, which I didn’t think was physically possible, and my nose was back to streaming.  While writing the 4 paragraphs above I sneezed no less than 7 times and went through 5 aloe vera infused tissues.

I didn’t need the worst cold of the past decade this week, when I’ve had the biggest news in 15 years :-/  It’s difficult to get excited about my house move when my head if full of cotton wool, my eyelids feel like concrete blocks and I’m feeling utterly dreadful, though I am of course thrilled to bits 🙂

Last Saturday I received a request from a couple who wanted to view my house.  The man booked it and I didn’t recognize the name, so imagine my surprise when I opened the door to find a woman on my doorstep who used to be my cleaner!  They’d moved away to run a business which sadly didn’t work out and they were desperate to move back to my village because both her Mum and Sister live here.  They put in a good offer the same night.

I couldn’t formally accept though because I hadn’t had my offer accepted on the bungalow I wanted.  However, I was in a much stronger buying position now I had an offer on mine, so rang the Estate Agent at 9am Monday morning to place my best and final bid.  Despite being on the market for 7 months and mine being the only offer, the vendor had another viewing booked for Friday so made me wait until that had taken place and the viewers clearly weren’t interested in buying before he accepted.  So one way and another it’s been a stupendously stressful week and I’m sooooo relieved it’s all turned out OK, streaming nose, aching limbs and razor blade throat aside.

Right, I’m going to attempt to get dressed in order to pay a visit to my local farm shop where they make Jersey ice cream, which I’ve heard can be very soothing for firey throats.  Well, that’s going to be my excuse for binging on a 6 scoop tub anyhow and I’m sticking to it 😀





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