Weekly roundup

Tomorrow I find out whether the next chapter of my life begins………..or not.  It’s the biggest thing to happen to me in 16 years, so please send some positive vibes out into the Universe that it goes the way I hope.  I’ll do a post on the outcome when I know.

This week has been spent mainly helping my parents.  My Mum is chocka with cold which has inevitably gone to her chest (she has half a lung, emphysema and severe COPD).  She has emergency antibiotics at home so started them early, but they make her nauseous and give her the runs so she’s pretty miserable and feeling really unwell.  My ‘nice’ neighbours both have the same lergie, as does my dog walker, so it seems like a pretty virulent bug :-/

My Dad is doing OK after his hip operation and subsequent huge bleed and is managing to walk outdoors for short distances.  He had 34 staples taken out of his leg on Friday and the wound is healing well.  His leg is swelling badly every day though and since the staples came out he says he’s getting severe pins and needles, so if it’s no better tomorrow I’m going to ring the post-surgery helpline number at Hexham to see if that’s normal or not.

Bertie also had his stitches out on Friday following the amputation of his rear dewclaw.  Unfortunately there is little skin to cover the wound so it will take some time to scab over.  I did notice a bit of puss last night, so put some Germolene on and covered it with a dressing, which I’ll change twice a day for the next few days to see if I can get on top of the infection.  Not sure if you’re supposed to put Germolene on a dog, but I’ve been doing it for years and as long as you cover it so the dog can’t lick it off and poison itself it seems to be as effective on mutts as it is on humans!

Other than that I’ve been trying to keep on top of housework/cleaning/laundry.  I am running on empty now and have told my folks I’m having 10 days off over Christmas to recoup my energy (famous last words!).  Despite everything I am miraculously ready for Christmas though – cards are sent, presents are bought and wrapped and Boxing Day lunch at a hotel is booked (we don’t do Xmas day lunch, we’re all too ill).

I felt sick last night with a mixture of nerves and excitement so didn’t have any tea.  Consequently, I’m starving this morning and ready for an early breakfast.  Then I’ll take Bert out before meeting my disabled friend D for brunch in a local cafe.  Tomorrow I’m taking both my parents all the way to Sunderland for checks following their cataract operations, while also trying to juggle my life changing (or not) event.  It’s going to be a big week and by the end of it I could either be stupendously happy or stupendously depressed – watch this space.



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