Weekly roundup

Mr Sod and his Law have made their presence known this week.  I’m guest speaker at a Camera Club on Wednesday evening and have gone down with a raging throat infection.  My left tonsil is huge and I want to gag every time I swallow 😦  I also have a headache and feel generally bleugh.   WHY NOW FFS?!!  I have no clue how I’m going to talk for 2 whole hours.

My 75 year old, disabled friend who fell out of bed last week was discharged from hospital less than 24 hours later.  He was admitted with a fever of 101C, a chest infection and abnormal heart rhythm (he’s already had a heart attack, has a stent fitted and has angina).  He spent 12 hours in A&E, without any food despite being diabetic (he’d barely eaten for 3 days), and was eventually placed on the acute admissions ward at 1am.   He was given IV antibiotics, there were no beds, so at noon he was asked if he wanted to go home.  “Yes please” he says, because there isn’t a person alive who actively wants to be in hospital.  So they whipped his drip out and sent him home.  Alone.  With no carers or any other help in place.  I was fucking livid.

I met him this morning for our weekly brunch at a local cafe.  He looked awful and had apparently fallen asleep in the car in the car park.  He only lasted til 11am before telling me he had to go home because he was exhausted.  I’m going to ring his GP surgery tomorrow and speak to his doctor because something is clearly not right and men are hopeless, on the whole, at telling doctors what’s really going on.

Aunt Flo paid me a surprise visit this week and it was most unwelcome.  I had my last period 132 days ago and had thought I was well on my way to full menopause, to the point where I’d chucked out all my sanitary wear, but obviously my ovaries have other ideas.   I’m now consulting with my solicitor to issue my hormones with an eviction notice.

On a more serious note, for the past few months I have had god awful nerve pain in my legs.  Both shooting, electric shock type pains and more general heavy achiness from the knees down on both legs.  I’ve had continual back and hip pain for years so thought it was coming from there, but the day my period started the nerve pain almost disappeared!  Very odd.  It is still present, but has gone from maybe a 8/10 to a 3/10 and for that I am truly grateful.

I made a complete and utter arse of myself this week.  I have a gas fire that works from a remote control.  A couple of weeks ago the knob which turns the flame up and down started to get really stiff, so on Tuesday I called out the gas engineer to take a look.
“Have you tried new batteries?” he asks.
“In the remote control y’mean?  Yes I have” I reply, smugly.
“No, in the fire”
I look at him puzzled.  “Didn’t know there were batteries in the fire” I admit, turning crimson.
So he pulls a black box out from under the fire, slides the back off and shows me 4 x AA batteries.  “If you haven’t changed these in 8 years I’m fairly sure that’s the culprit” he tells me, trying not to laugh.
And sure enough he changes them and the knob works perfectly.  That little lesson in being a complete airhead cost me £50.  FFS.

Wednesday I made it to my camera club.  I haven’t been for a month as I’ve other things on so it was nice to be back.  It’s a much more relaxed club than my old one, with younger members and more light-hearted banter but although some of the older members make a point of talking to me none of the women my own age do.  They all just sit in a group together and don’t even look in my direction, which is a bit shit and I don’t feel all that welcome.

Yesterday I had coffee with a couple from my old camera club.  They’d contacted me out of the blue to suggest meeting up and I was really touched they wanted to stay in contact.  I didn’t even know them that well as they’d only been at the club for one season, but we had a lovely couple of hours catching up and it was nice to know that at least some of the members were missing me.

Well, it’s time for another salt water gargle (eugh!) and a honey and lemon tea.  I’m resting up for the remainder of the day and having a binge fest of Love Island  Australia on catch-up.  Thank God I’m no longer in my twenties and feeling pressure to find my soul mate – it all looks like far too much hard work and disappointment and makes me happy I live with my dog and not a bloke 😉


1 thought on “Weekly roundup

  1. Sarah

    With regards to your fire, if it were me, my son would call me a Tit! So well done, ya tit! (You’re welcome 😉)
    With regards to men, I have this man on social media being really nice and complementary. I don’t have the heart to say I don’t do nice, like “you have a beautiful smile”. I like to be insulted, it’s my reality check and my sense of humour. I am a couple of years younger than you Jak,(bloody brain fog, I can never remember whether it’s Jak or Jac, so apologies if I’ve got it wrong) but I really can’t be bothered with all this dating stuff. An example of what I find funny is when someone said I looked like a particular actress who as it is is 20 years my bloody senior, thanks steroids, I posted a picture of her in a role with a beard, again, thanks steroids! My new self emoji has a dark shadow too 😁

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