Weekly roundup

Is it already a week since my last roundup?!  Where the hell did those 7 days go?  They say time speeds up the older you get but they’re lying.  It doesn’t speed up, it races by like Lewis Hamilton on a track – blink and you’ve missed an entire day.

I had a lovely birthday.  Special days when you have an alcoholic parent can go belly-up pretty quickly and I literally dread events at which you’re supposed to feel happy because I often don’t, but thankfully my Mum was in good form and we had a nice lunch out up the Lakes.  The sun was shining, so I had a gorgeous potter down by the river with Bertie afterwards but was shattered and ready for my bed by 3.30pm.  That’s the other thing about special days – your illnesses don’t take time off and all the excitement and being out of my usual routine actually makes me more exhausted and poorly than usual.  Thanks for that body.  You know you’re getting old when you ask for a set of bath towels for your birthday and are tickled pink when you get them, but I was also given some fabulous chocolates in the shape of cakes – maybe eating them at 9 o’clock at night wasn’t my best ever idea, though, and I went to sleep feeling ever so slightly sick 😉

This week the Camera Clubs went back after the long summer break and I had to make a decision about whether to join another Club or not.  I can still enter International competitions without being a Club member, however  many British competitions are run by the PAGB so I decided to join a Club in a nearby town.  My local Club is 15 mins away in the car, but this one is a 40 minute drive over the fells and coming back at night on twisty, turny mountain roads in the dark when I’m completely shattered is a big deal.  It’s also in the opposite direction of my parents who have Bert for me, so I have to drive all the way to town to pick him up at 10.15pm to then double back to get home.  However, I enjoyed my first evening and the attendees are younger than the old duffers at my local club so that was a nice change.

I’ve been quite reactive histamine-wise the past few weeks and I’ve no idea why.  I had a fairly strong reaction after my supper last night, am getting up in the night to pee which is then making me knackered during the day (3 times last night *sigh*), my skin it itchy, my back is killing me, I wake up sneezing which I haven’t done in forever and I have hives on my bum all of which are my signs that my histamine load is high.   FFS.  I’ve no clue what’s setting it off, though I’m sure my hormones or lack thereof aren’t helping.  I’m now starting to get anxious about eating and I fucking hate being anxious.

To take my mind off my misbehaving mast cells I’ve been working on an image I’ve had in my head for a couple of years.  I had no idea how I was going to achieve it, but circumstances came together this year and aided by my beautiful model (my dog walker’s 14-year-old daughter) I finally pulled it off.  I’m calling it ‘Merlin‘ as the bird she’s holding is a Jack Merlin.

Right, I’m off for a shower cos I stink and you could fry chips in my hair!



2 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. init72

    Ragweed pollen tends to cause the flare up of hay fever symptoms in Autumn (just when we all thought it was over!!) I walk in my little park most days and every time I walk past the Beautiful Horse Chestnut trees my nose itches like mad all year round unless there are no leaves!!

    That Photo is superb – glad you have managed to join another photography group – maybe ask them if they would mind Bert coming along with you – i’m sure they wouldn’t (unless that would be stressful for you having to think about him during the class etc) and he would make a great model no doubt!

    Happy belated Birthday!!
    Les xx

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  2. melody

    Love your photograph–I can imagine some of the elements of the storyline in a Young Adult/Children’s book that it illustrates! Hope your new camera club provides congenial community and support for your creative work!

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