Weekly roundup

This week has gone by in the blink of an eye.  I usually do my Roundup first thing on a Sunday morning, but because I’d actually forgotten today was Sunday (it feels like a Friday in my head for some reason!) it didn’t get done.  Not that I have anything exciting to tell you.

My lounge was decorated this week.  It hasn’t been done for 8 years and was looking a bit tired (I know how it feels 😉 ).  I wasn’t going to do it until Autumn, but if I do move I want my house looking top-notch for viewings, so decided to crack on and have it done now.  Obviously I haven’t been up a ladder painting the ceilings, but there has still been a lot to do.  All the furniture had to be moved, everything covered over, the curtains and poles etc. .taken down, all the skirting boards masking taped, the knobs taken off the cupboard doors……..  And then when it was done, everything had to be washed and put back.  I’m flamin’ well knackered and every joint I possess, and some I didn’t even know existed, hurts.  I’m getting the carpet shampooed on Tuesday and then it should be finished and the house can get back to normal, hurrahhhh!

Bertie hates any kind of turmoil and has been super clingy all week.  He always sleeps in his own bed because we both prefer it, but at midnight last night I could hear him pitter patting across the wooden floor and he tentatively jumped on to the duvet, then sidled up to me for a cuddle.  He just wanted his Mum, so I let him sleep with me even though he woke at 5am wanting his tummy rubbed.  It’s now 5.30 in the afternoon but feels like midnight!

I can’t believe it’s August already.  Where the HELL has this year gone?!  The next 3 months are ridiculously busy and I thought I had all the time in the world to plan everything and now I haven’t and I’m panicking!  It’s my Dad’s 80th birthday next week and I haven’t even got him a card yet.  We have 1 trip to Newcastle for the results of his Sjogren’s Test (they found something but we don’t know what until we see the Neurologist), 1 trip to Sunderland as he needs a cataract operation, then 1 trip to Hexham at the end of August to see about his hip replacement.  In between all that there are loads of little jobs which need doing in the house and I haven’t touched the garden in weeks.

In September it’s my birthday, and I absolutely have to start putting together the new talk I’m giving to a Scottish camera club in November even if I don’t manage to finish it.  I also need to decide which new club I’m joining as they start back around 8th.  Then there is my exhibition which absolutely needs to be done – 10 images printed off and mounted, plus packing crates and bubble wrap to organize – and I am also entering the Masters of Print again this year so need my 3 printed entries for that.

October is nuts.  I will be in London for my exhibition, am speaking at a Camera Club and attending a wedding all in the space of 2 weeks.  How the hell my health and energy are going to cope I have no clue.  And in amongst everything I am still hopeful about the bungalow I went to view so may need to put my house on the market.  No pressure then 😉  Seriously, I need my head read to have agreed to all this!  It just happened one thing at a time though and before I knew it………..Armageddon.  If you don’t hear from me in November it’s because I’m in a coma.

Right, I must get some supper because my tummy is rumbling.  Soup, a crusty bread roll and Say Yes To The Dress – there are worse ways to spend an evening.




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