Weekly roundup

Ten days ago, my period arrived out of the blue and I have felt absolutely rubbish ever since.  My brain is super foggy, I feel constantly disorientated, every joint hurts, my back has kept me awake at night and my energy has totally done a bunk.  Yay.

I’ve also felt emotionally quite fragile, so I still haven’t spoken to my GP regarding the cancelled MCAS appointment.  Isn’t it dreadful that you have to psych yourself up to speak to a professional whose job it is to help you?  Don’t get me wrong I like my GP and she’s very helpful, but it just feels overwhelming atm.

After threatening Domestic & General with the Financial Ombudsman they agreed that under the terms of my policy I was entitled to a replacement fridge/freezer which arrived on Tuesday.  Hurrahhh, I no longer have frozen milk and can eat a melon without breaking my teeth 😉  However, the door opened the wrong way so I had to switch it over.  There were no written instructions, just pictures which indicated that I had to drill several holes in the casing of my new appliance – say what?!  For this I would need a 3mm metal drill bit, like most people simply have these specialist pilot bits lurking in their shed!  Actually, I did have a 3mm metal drill bit lurking in my shed but that’s because I’m weird, so I had to lean a nearly 2m tall fridge/freezer against my kitchen windowsill, get underneath to take the hinge off, drill new holes under the fridge and switch the hinge over.  Only the hinge didn’t fit.  Half a sweaty, frustrating hour later I discovered, quite by chance, that a left hand hinge had been taped to the inside of the salad bin in the fridge – it would have been nice to have been told that in the instructions.  Honestly, who makes a customer start drilling holes in their new appliance?!!!

Speaking of complaining about businesses, I’ve had to report an online trader to the police this week for fraud!  My parents use a particular brand of denture cleanser that they really like but have been struggling to get it from their usual suppliers in town, so I found some online at a website called Megadepot.  Placed the order and 3 weeks later had not received the goods.  It was only then that I researched the company and realized they were taking all their customers money and simply not sending them their order!  So I’ve had to initiate a chargeback through my bank and report them to Action Fraud and Trading Standards.

The sun made a brief appearance this week.  I wore a t-shirt with 3/4 length sleeves for my half hour walk with Bertie and every biting insect in a 10 mile radius flocked to my newly exposed skin and feasted – the little fuckers.

Today, I am taking my Mum through to the city as she wants to look for an outfit for a wedding we’re going to in the Autumn.  I hate clothes shopping, and she hates clothes shopping, so it’s looking like a fun afternoon.

Reading this post back, I’m aware that I have officially become a grumpy old git.  It was bound to happen sooner or later, but I had thought I might at least be in my seventies rather than just turned 50.  I shall try harder in future posts to be more cheerful but can’t make any promises 😉




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