Weekly roundup

Time has little meaning when you’re chronically ill and each day is the same.  Monday was a bank holiday but that didn’t even register on my radar because it was just like any other Monday, apart from extra traffic jams as tourists descended on the Lake District in their thousands for the half term holiday.  Pity the weather’s been rubbish for them!

Tuesday I had lunch with my bestie.  I was desperate to see her just to gain some perspective and have a bit of different gossip – other than her, the only people I spend any time with are over the age of 75!  We should all have someone with whom we can just be ourselves, has the same sense of humour and who gets us – my bestie is that for me 🙂

I am still being tortured for painting my shed doors the other week.  My neck is really sore and Wednesday morning I woke and was unable to move my right arm.  I’d obviously dislocated something in my upper spine in my sleep and was in a fair amount of pain, so I stuck my TENS machine on it and tried to just crack on.  Thursday morning I woke and it was totally fine!  That still amazes me – that you can be perfectly alright, go to bed and wake up unable to move some body part or other, and conversely go to bed in agony and wake up ticketyboo!  If you told that to any Doctor they simply wouldn’t believe you.

Thursday I made my tenth 180 mile round trip of the year to the RVI in Newcastle with my Dad.  The spinal surgeon had asked to see him and we both thought he would finally get his decompression surgery which had been postponed from last December, but no.  After waiting 45 minutes as the surgeon was running late we were told he won’t do Dad’s surgery until he’s seen the orthopeds about his hips.  Could he not have fucking told us that on the phone?!!  We were in and out in 10 minutes, then faced road works and diversions in the middle of rush hour in a city neither of us know – it’s was super stressful, esp when my sat nav decided it wasn’t going to work.  Why on earth, after seeing Doctor after Doctor since November 2017 have they just decided to scan his pelvis and realized he needs a hip replacement?  Should that not have been done 18 months ago?  We’re all starting to despair.

I have a tall fridge/freezer and the fridge has started to get icy and all my vegetables are freezing solid.  I rang the repair company I usually use, only to be told they don’t service Hotpoint as Hotpoint make their appliances so they can only be repaired by Hotpoint.  So I rang Hotpoint and the cheapest way I could get an engineer out was to take out a £120 insurance – what a fucking scam.  The guy turned up on 9th May and found ice the size of a berg had blocked the drain in the back of my freezer, so removed that and declared it fixed.  Only it wasn’t.  So three weeks later I had to request another visit and this time was told the sensor had gone and it wasn’t fixable.  Under the terms of my new insurance, if on the 2nd visit it is deemed irreparable I am given a replacement fridge/freezer, so that’s what the engineer requested.  Only I get a call from Hotpoint saying the two engineer visits have to be 30 days apart otherwise my insurance isn’t valid.  There is no mention of that in the Terms & Conditions of my insurance, however, not even in the small print!  So I’ve now made a formal complaint to Domestic & General (the insurers) for not honouring my insurance.  I know I absolutely am covered and they’re just trying it on, but the complaint can take up to two months to sort out and D&G are quite well aware that you can’t go two months without a fridge – they bank on you buying a new one yourself so they don’t have to!  This bloody country has gone to the dogs and no-one is stopping these rogues from ripping us all off.

I saw some rubber Pixie ears on Amazon recently and just knew they would come in handy for something!  I haven’t dressed up in a while and, I have to be honest, I’ve missed it so I decided to amend my recent Cockchafer picture to include a pixie passenger – the resulting image I’m calling The Hitchhiker 😀


2 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. thatotherjean

    Oy! i’m sorry that you had to go 180 miles for a ten minute visit that could have been handled over the phone! How thoroughly inconsiderate of both you and your Dad. Is it worth it to complain to the hospital administrator?

    Also, yes, it sounds as though Hotpoint is doing their best to rip you off. If it’s not written in the agreement, it doesn’t apply. Can you possibly rent a fridge until you get it sorted out and have a new one?

    Your pixie hitching a ride is wonderful!



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