Weekly roundup

It’s been a non-descript week, full of the mundane.  I know that’s how most people’s lives are most of the time but that’s not how I intend to live.  Life is so short and so precious it needs to be more than just watching the days go by – I owe that not only to myself but to all those who are too ill to have a life.

Tuesday I helped my elderly, disabled friend stage his house for sale.  It’s a stunning property with 5 bedrooms, 4 reception rooms (one of which is hidden behind a panel in the wall!), oak beams in all the ceilings and with stunning views of the mountains, however he’s now on his own and can barely walk so it’s way too big for him and he’s hoping to get a smaller bungalow in town.

The rest of the week I’ve taken advantage of the dry weather to tackle my garden, which has been neglected while I did the car port.  It’s the size of a postage stamp and has no grass, but as my ability to bend is so limited I still find it hard work to look after despite the fact I absolutely love gardening.  I’ve pruned and fed and tidied, though, and it’s now looking pretty as my little patch of wild flowers are starting to emerge.  The Solanum Glasnevin over my front door is looking particularly splendid this year.  I’m not sure how long it will take my knees and back to forgive me, however, and I’m currently walking like a constipated duck.

Front door

The saga with my Dad’s health continues.  He has spinal stenosis (narrowing of his spinal canal) and was due to have surgery at the start of December last year, however the Surgeon postponed the op when he discovered my Dad’s severe neuropathy.  Despite trying hard, the Neurologist can’t find any reason for the neuropathy so it’s looking like his surgery can now take place and we’re back at the RVI in Newcastle on Thursday to discuss.

Have I mentioned I’m getting weird choking sensations?  It’s been going on for about a year now and is really bizarre.  I feel like I can smell warm smoke, which gets in the back of my nose and throat and makes it hard to breathe.  Someone else brought it up on an MCAD forum recently so it looks like it’s a mast cell thing and I’ll mention it to the consultant when I see him next month.

A week on from painting the shed doors I still can’t turn my head.  I think I’ve pulled/torn my levator scapulae muscle which is pretty sore.  Because I am so motivated to do stuff I often forget I am chronically ill and it’s only after I’ve spent months in pain that I think “maybe I shouldn’t have done that” 😉  I’ve also had my period and spent 3 days in both migraine and endometriosis hell.

The highlight of my week was being awarded my second photographic distinction, which has been 2 years in the making.  My first, the DPAGB, is awarded by the British photography body and was achieved by submitting a selection of images which were judged by a panel.   This second, AFIAP, is awarded by the international photography body and has been achieved due to my success in international Salons.  So I can now put DPAGB AFIAP after my name – how terribly posh!  The “A” in AFIAP stands for artiste, but my Dad says putting the word P*** in front of it would suit me better – cheeky mare 😀

4 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Sarah

    Evening Jak. Congrats on your second photographic distinction. With regards to the strange chocking sensation and smell of smoke, it sounds like what I get and have put it down to my GERD
    Sorry I’ve not responded for a while, been feeling crapy. I finally got the nerve to see someone about my anxiety especially after being empowered by BBC Breakfast that did a week on the menopause which made me realise, it might be down to that, only to be told by the nurse practitioner who thinks she’s God, that I wasn’t in menopause anymore because it was 3 1/2years after my hysterectomy. When I told her I spent my days mainly in bed due to my physical disabilities her response was “well you’re not in bed now are you” as if I was lying. So as you can imagine, I retreated into myself again.


    1. Jak Post author

      I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had this experience Sarah. I’ve had many similar over the years and it does make you want to just go home and never see a medical practitioner ever again. When you’re feeling a bit less fragile emotionally, is there anyone else you can see at your practice? Anxiety can be awful to live with so I hope you can find someone who is more helpful and less judgemental. Hugs x


  2. thatotherjean

    Whoo! If that’s your nondescript week, I’d hate to see one that’s busy and fraught. You’re a good person to help your neighbor, when you’re in pain yourself. I hope he finds the perfect bungalow, with a ton of money left over to enjoy himself from the sale of his house

    Congratulations on your international photographic distinction. Your talent deserves it, and others. Artiste you are, indeed.



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