Weekly roundup

I’ve had a much better week emotionally after making the decision to stop the stuff going on at my Camera Club from affecting me.  I’ve started to eat properly again and because of that feel physically stronger.  My Federation is still looking into my complaint so I’ll just have to wait to hear, though it is taking way longer than it should.

The sun finally came out this week and it’s actually felt like Spring.  I always physically do so much better in sunny weather for some reason, so long as it’s not boiling hot – I have loads more energy and my pain levels are reduced, so it feels like a mini break from being sick.

Monday I decided to drop everything and take myself off for an hour for a potter round a local bluebell wood.  It’s just so relaxing and pretty and really rejeuvenated my soul.  The smell was divine, there were butterflies and bees by the hundreds, the birds were singing in the trees and I was surrounded by half a mile of flowers.  I took butties and a flask with me and just sat and took it all in.  Annnnnd breeeeathe 🙂

While I’m having a spurt of energy, which we all know won’t last, I’ve been cracking on sorting out my car port following the installation of my new little shed.  Now, I know having a shed delivered and painting the doors up to look nice barely registers on healthy people’s radar, but when you are so ill cooking a meal or taking a shower can defeat you doing any kind of DIY project is a big deal.  So I’m tickled pink with my new look car port and if that makes me a saddo then so be it 😉 My neck, right wrist and shoulder aren’t quite as enamoured by my days of painting said shed though it has to be said and I now can’t turn my head.  Here are the before and after pictures, just don’t ask me where all the junk has gone 😉 :


After – spot my mobility scooter on the left!

I’ve now sorted out my trip to Sheffield to see Dr Sargur re my MCAD.  I’ve booked a hotel and my train tickets, and arranged for Bertie to have a sleep over with his Nan and Granda, so hopefully I’m all set.  Please God may the NHS not cancel the appointment because my £99 hotel bill is non-refundable.  What’s with charging extra for breakfast these days in hotels?  Are you supposed to starve while you’re on your hols?!  It’s outrageous.

I found out this week I’ve won yet another gold medal in an International Salon, this time with my Ophelia photo.  That makes 5 so far this year and we’re only in May!  I’m just a country bumpkin who spends half her life in bed, am self taught and only 6 years ago didn’t even own a camera, so if someone even likes one of my pictures it’s huge.  To be winning gold at world level is just so surreal it’s like it’s happening to someone else and I keep thinking that one of these days the judges are all going to realize I’m a fraud and demand their medals back!


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