Weekly roundup

What a god awful week.  I’ve barely eaten or slept due to the stress of what’s going on at my Camera Club, which is worse than I thought.  I’m not going in to detail (I’ll tell you what’s happened when it’s over) but I now need to consult a specialist solicitor who deals with privacy and misuse of private information.  And all because I said privately to my friends on Facebook that I was leaving my camera club because I felt I’d been bullied.  That is ALL I said.

Which leads me on to victim blaming.  I have been made to feel so uncomfortable at the Club I’m leaving yet *I* am being blamed for causing discontent  at the Club by saying this privately to my friends.  One of these “friends” has maliciously shared my private conversation with all in sundry, knowing it would cause problems for not just me but the whole Club, and *I* am being blamed for having this private conversation.  No mention is made of the bullies, and no mention is made of the malicous person’s immoral (and illegal) actions.  It’s so much easier to blame the victim than tackle the bullies.

In amongst all this horrendous stress and upset, I am still suffering with the worst lurgie I’ve had in years (coughing, streaming, aching all over and feeling like death warmed up) and as if all that weren’t bad enough my period arrived out of the blue.  I can barely function.

We’re having a brief heat wave here in the UK, which is very welcome after a long winter.  I thought about putting my shorts on to get a bit of vitamin D on my skin, but then I saw the state of my legs and thought better of it.  This is what “easy bruising” due to hEDS looks like – I have no clue how any of these bruises happened.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and my Mum decided she wanted to go up the Lakes for lunch.  It was like hell on earth.  One tiny little rural village was over-run by a thousand men in shorts with pasty white legs, harassed women, screaming children and barking dogs and there wasn’t a car parking space for miles.  The cafe was so packed we couldn’t hear ourselves speak (both my parents wear hearing aids and struggle with background noise) and the air was heavy with the scent of petrol fumes and the deafening sound of motorbike engines.  I’ve never been so glad to get home in my life.  I usually only ever go up the Lakes in the winter when all the tourists have left and yesterday reminded me why!

I only learned this week that Yasmina who was known as the Low Histamine Chef and wrote the website ‘Healing Histamine’ died last September at the age of 43 from breast cancer.  I was truly shocked and saddened at the news and my heart goes out to her friends and family.  It reminded me to live each day to its fullest as we never know when it could be our last.

The only bright spot on my horizon this week came yet again from my photography – what would I do without it?!  I’ve won another gold medal at an International Salon, this time in Scotland.  My friends joke I’m going to need an extension putting on my house for all my awards and there may be some truth in it – at the very least I am going to need a much bigger shelf 😉

10 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. d

    Congratulations on your latest award. When you get that bigger shelf, make sure it’s reinforced to take the weight of all the current awards and the ones to come. I’m sorry the camera club situation has further deteriorated. I hope it doesn’t drag on forever. Sending you good thoughts to get well soon.


    ps I was also very sorry to hear about Yasmina the Low Histamine Chef.

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  2. init72

    Arrrrrggggggg!!!! How crap and vindictive can some people be!!! So damn jealous and simply scared of their own inabilities – instead of learning from people who are doing well and sharing those successes in the group they push people out – well their loss and your gain as you WILL only go on to success where they will no doubt stay in a camera club or leave and probably go no further and when you are signing your photography books in Waterstones and Foyles, and around the world you will think of them and just smile……hope you manage some rest this week and over the next few weeks too to stabilise xxx

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  3. Lindsay

    oh my gosh. very sorry to hear about Yasmina. i followed her recipe blog when i was first diagnosed with mcad. she had tons of recipes that were super helpful. i hadn’t heard about her breast cancer. so sad.

    also sorry to hear about the jealous fopdoodles at camera club. bullies always have to play the victim. when this is all over, send them a photo of your new gigantic award shelf.

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