It’s good news!

I had my ultrasound today and the doctor could find nothing wrong with my lymph nodes, either in my armpit or my elbow which effectively rules out cancer (well, that and my recent normal blood results).  I honestly felt sick all the way to the hospital as I was convinced they’d find something sinister so you can imagine the smile on my face on my way out and the relief that all seems to be fine!

I asked him what the swellings might be and he said “could be bone, could be soft tissue – we can’t see either on ultrasound”, so I definitely need to speak to my GP about where we go from here as swellings in your armpit obviously aren’t normal.  Plus, I have been feeling properly rubbish since before Christmas with 24/7 nausea, god awful stomach and bowel pains (nearly called an ambulance last night as I was bent double and the sweat ran off me) plus months of I’ve-just-reached-the-summit-of-Everest-without-oxygen exhaustion.

I was amazed when the doctor performing the scan had heard of hEDS and mast cell disease – 10 brownie points 😉

I’ve been having a rough time emotionally with the peri-menopause recently – crying for absolutely no reason and feeling really quite depressed, which as you know isn’t like me at all – so I honestly feared for my mental health should the news have been bad.  The thing that’s kept me going this past 2 weeks is all the lovely messages I’ve received from my friends and you my fabulous followers, which have meant the world.

God, I miss drinking!   If my mast cells would let me I’d be downing a bottle of plonk and getting ever so slightly sloshed this evening!  As it is, I’m treating myself to fish n chips, even though I will probably flush for two hours afterwards and spend the rest of the night in stomach hell 😉



27 thoughts on “It’s good news!

      1. Sarah

        Oh what fantastic news. You have been on my mind all day. You’ve made my day 🙂
        Sue may be referring to Addison’s disease/adrenal insufficiency. Have you been feeling extreme unusual weekness too and lower back pain? Have a google


  1. Darcy Jett

    I am soooooooo relieved and happy for you! It’s amazing how much you can come to care for people half of a world away! This internet has done so much for all of us with chronic illnesses!
    Thank you for sharing the good news so quickly as we were all in a dither with concern.
    Just a thought, have you been checked for any type of viral or bacterial infection?
    The nausea, and severe stomach pain might be part of it.
    I live in California USA, and my doctor that I see for hEDS, MCAS, and Dysautonomia has a daughter who has all three as well. One day she started vomiting, and having severe bathroom visits for about six months. They ran as many tests as he could think of, and being a doctor he had a lot of pull. All of the tests showed nothing, so finally all of the resources he used indicated that it was because of the Dysautonomia. Then one day it all just stopped!
    Also have you ever had a weird swollen spot on your foot, a finger, hand, elbow, shoulder blade, that just randomly came and went? Have your lumps changed in size, shape, or tenderness? Have you ran a fever with it?
    Sorry if I am bothering you, just concerned. Also my daughter Jillian, ( she is thirty) has inherited this from me as I inherited from my mom. She has had the vomiting and bathroom issues for over five months! Watching my girl go through this is killing me!
    We have one more MRI, a colonoscopy, and if nothing shows then they are out of ideas! They’re ruling out Cancer, and
    then …😳.
    But more than likely, somehow it will have something to do with the MCAS or Dysautonomia, which causes Gastropareis. I just wish we didn’t have rule everything out in order to get a
    MAYBE it’s ( insert name of your Chronic Ilness(es).
    So very happy for you Jak, honestly you have had enough to deal with!
    Enjoy your fish n chips and anything else that you can do to celebrate! This was a big one!


    1. Jak Post author

      Thanks Darcy. So sorry to hear your daughter is suffering – I can’t image how hard that must be for a Mum. No fever for me or any sign of infection – just the usual M.E., hEDS, Menopause, Endometriosis and mast cell crap 😉 x


  2. Melanie Odell

    Woo hoo. So happy for the good news. Am with you on the drinking, i miss drinking too. Big time. All I can drink is water because of the flipping disease. I react to everything else. But the flipping depression is the worst part though I think. Mine just started 3 months ago. So hard to deal with chronic illness when the illness is making you depressed too. Depression and anxiety are symptoms of mast cell disease, on top of the average depression that comes along with most chronic, many years long, diseases. What a vicious circle of hell we have been forced to live in. I think Dante should have added a tenth circle!

    When can you see your mast cell doc? Your GP, no GP on earth, can handle this insidious disease? Specialists have a hard enough time.

    So happy for you for the good scan news. Cheers to you!!! Mel


  3. Lisa

    So relieved for you Jak! With the shitshow that is our health, I always expect the worst too! Man, I’m thrilled that it’s not that though hun, unfortunately because of how frustrating and difficult our comorbidities are, you may never get an answer eh? There’s just so many unknowns for us, let alone our doctors. Enjoy that deep fried loveliness as a celebration. I wish you no side effects as well, although sometimes (like now), it’s totally worth it. Arohanui from NZ 🦓💪 Lisa xxx


  4. sherryroeder

    So happy for your good news! Now I hope you get to feeling better with more energy!!
    I also miss a good glass of red wine! oh well, I am able to eat a bit of dark chocolate once in awhile… not the same but it’s something. HAH
    Take care!!


  5. Jill Jarvis

    I am overwhelmingly so pleased, chuffed, relieved, thankful and happy to hear your results. I can imagine the vast relief you felt especially as you weren’t expecting to know any results today. It’s absolutely fantastic news. I was travelling the long way back to Petworth today so have only had my first look at any news. Enjoy those fish ‘n chips, If ever a treat was needed yours certainly is the one. I’m so beyond over chuffed for you there aren’t words to describe it, Absolutely brilliant xxxx


  6. thatotherjean

    Oh–I’ve been sickish myself and sleeping a lot, so I missed this until today. Fantastic! I’m so happy and relieved for you! That said, I hope you can find a proper diagnosis quickly, and make the weird lumps go away. Yaaaaaay!


  7. artfulblasphemer

    I’ve been away from most of my regular internet for months (my son developed endocarditis, diagnosis was delayed by HOLIDAYS and it badly damaged his heart and caused emboli to the brain, and they had to replace two heart valves—he had EDS as well, so it was a nightmare) and I’ve been catching up this morning thinking, “No! Oh No!” But now I am glad to say, “Hooray!” You deserve some good news.


    1. Jak Post author

      OMG that sounds like a horrendous experience, both for you and your son 😦 How’s he doing? Really hope he gets over the surgery as well as possible. Sending big hugs to you both. Jak xx



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