Weekly roundup

I haven’t had my scan yet for my “suspicious lump”.  I’m trying not to think about it but it must be playing on my mind because I’m not sleeping well and have been having lots of stressful anxiety dreams.  Understandable I guess.

I rang about my Dad’s CT scan results and they are still not back.  It’s been nearly 5 weeks now and we’ve all had enough, so we’re paying to see a neurologist privately just as soon as we can get an appointment.  He first saw a consultant 15 months ago, yet we still don’t have a diagnosis and he’s received absolutely no treatment, despite going from being able to walk 6 miles to being in a wheelchair.  It’s a disgrace.

I posted on Facebook this week about the fact that I’m leaving my Camera Club and I said exactly why.  Ostracizing is the most common form of adult bullying and bullying is something I thought I’d left behind 40 years ago in the school playground.  The whole point of ostracizing someone is to cause psychological pain and distress, as if I don’t have enough on my plate already.  Quite what these 3 women’s issue is with me I have no idea, though I know for a fact with 1 of them it’s pure jealousy.  I am not keeping quiet about these bullies, however, and will name and shame them at every opportunity.  The fact that one of them left their former Camera Club because they were bullying a member there, and have come to my Club and bullied me, says a lot about them as a person.  The thing that makes me furious is that all 3 bullies have put themselves on the committee for next season.

I desperately needed to take my mind off everything this week, so on Wednesday my bestie and I went up the lakes to attend a literary festival and have a bite of lunch.  We went to a fascinating talk on brain gender by the neuroscientist Gina Rippon, who had some very interesting things to say on whether there are innate differences between male and female brains.  Google Rippon, though, and you will find a lot of trolling.  Not only is she female (how dare women say that they aren’t, in fact, inferior to men) but she disputes the status quo.  Way to go Gina is all I have to say 🙂

Other than that I’ve achieved nothing.  The weather has been atrocious and I am poleaxed by exhaustion at the mo.  I don’t know whether it’s stress, hormones, the fact I’m not eating properly (I feel sick constantly and have awful tummy pain) or probably a combination of all three, but my mojo has buggered off to pastures new.  Despite that, I have forced myself to do some photography this week.  I’ve taken hardly any pictures since last November, probably because I haven’t been happy at my Club, but I refuse to let those bitches destroy my passion so I have spent a few hours in the spare bedroom wearing a ballgown and wielding a sledge hammer!  Don’t try this at home, especially if you have hEDS or ME 😉 .  I ended up with this picture entitled ‘Breaking the Glass Ceiling‘.

6 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. init72

    OMG!! You are truly talented – I LOVE this and what a photo to represent the frustration of all these conditions in one!!! I too used to be a member of a Camera Club and although wasn’t treated as you have been, left due to the awful way the biased judging was done (Same people EVERY week winning and entering the same winning photos over and over…..) and criticism of all the entries was incredibly harsh I felt for an amateur club – not encouraging at all. I do my own photography now and have been sat here writing out some topics to do for myself over the coming weeks to inspire me, and have come across a fabulous site where people can submit photos for others to use for free for their own use which has some incredible work and is very uplifting to look through if you are interested it is https://unsplash.com
    Your talk and lunch sounds very interesting – I will look her up at some point – maybe you should ask her if she has any good contacts you can ask about your Dad….you never know…
    We are all here for you – sending you some spoons xxxx


    1. Jak Post author

      Awww, thanks for such a nice comment 🙂 I nearly left my club at the end of my 2nd year there due to the judges. All white, men over 70! If you put in a photo of a steam train or bird on a stick you could guarantee to win – you can imagine how my fantasy, girlie pictures went down! But the Club secretary recognized there was a problem, so the committee made a consicous decision to always have equal numbers of male and female judges throughout the season and it worked really well. I’ve also had my fair share of *awful* comments from judges, but take them with a pinch of salt – one of the photos judged as terrible (11/20!) was part of my DPAGB distinction panel 🙂

      I’ll take a look at the site, thanks. I sell my images though (totally skint lol!), both through Redbubble and on Alamy.

      Jak x


  2. thatotherjean

    Love your photo! Are there other area photo clubs you could join? You’d certainly be an asset to them! Are you planning to stay in touch with any of the members of the club you left? I seem to remember that, in addition to the bullies, you had some good friends there. Best of luck with your photography–not that you need any luck at all.

    I hope both your and your father’s medical problems get the attention they need, soon.


    1. Jak Post author

      Thanks Jean. Yes, I’m planning on joining a different Club in September when the new season starts, however it’s a 45 minute drive away which makes it even harder for me to attend esp when I’m having a bad day 😦

      There are 2 people at my current Club I’m especially close to and will definitely keep meeting up with them, so that’s nice 🙂 x


  3. melody

    Thanks, I love that determined and inspiring photo you made, Jak–may it forecast big breakthroughs everywhere!
    I’m gonna let it be my inspiration for my next few weeks–take a stand and smash through challenges and limitations. Just the message I need for now!

    Liked by 1 person


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