Weekly roundup

Monday I chased up my Dad’s CT scan results only to find the neurologist hasn’t even had them back from the scanning unit yet.  It will be a month on Tuesday.  FFS, if that’s how the emergency neurology clinic works I’d hate for him to be in the regular clinic.  He has been progressively ill for 15 months now and we are no further forward – no proper diagnosis and he’s had no treatment whatsoever.  The man can hardly walk now for heaven’s sake!  We all feel totally abandoned by the NHS.

Wednesday I found a soft lump under my left armpit – I was drying my hair and caught sight of myself in the mirror.   I ummmd and ahhhhhd over whether it really was a lump until I took a photo to show my Mum – it’s then I realized that, yes, it really was a lump and there seems to be swelling going up my arm above it.   So I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow for her to have a look.  Luckily I only had bloods done last week and all is fine, and I had a mammogram last year and that was also fine, so I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.

My cough has improved a little bit now my H2 blockers have been increased but it’s still not gone.  I know I should be trying the stronger PPI meds like Omeprazole but I’m too terrified to try a new drug, so am happy to stay on the Famotidine for now and just live with the cough.

I made a big decision this week.  Although I love my photography, I’ve been unhappy at my Camera Club all year.  My lovely friend L left as she moved house and it’s really not the same without her as I don’t have any other close female friends there.  On top of that, two of the women have sent me to Coventry and I have absolutely no clue why they are no longer speaking to me.  It must be something drastic to deserve such treatment but I can’t think of anything I might have said or done for them to hate me so much.  And then there is the lady I’ve written about before who clearly has an issue with me and is so intimidating she makes me feel physically ill.  I go to my Club to de-stress not to add to it, so I decided this week that I will not be going back next year 😦  I may just take a break and then see how I feel, or I may decide to join another Club (not to blow my own trumpet but I’m a fairly good photographer and there’s one particular Club who have been gagging to have me for ages).  We finish in a couple of weeks then I have the whole summer to decide what I’m going to do.  I’m not giving up my photography though – no sodding way – and can continue with that whether I’m at a Club or not.  I’ve been really upset at the thought of leaving but now it feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and that’s how I know it’s the right decision.  Yes it means the bitches have won, but I will be telling anyone who asks why I’ve left and who the women involved are, so I’ll leave them with the fallout from that.

Right lovely people, I need to get dressed and take the mutt out.  At least it’s not snowing this morning – we got caught in a freak storm yesterday, with hail so hard it felt like it was ripping the skin off my face, and returned home like a pair of drowned rats 😉






4 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Melanie Odell

    Isn’t the fear of new drugs just awful. I totally understand sticking with what works. I had to do an at home test last week and had to drink an unknown solution in the middle of the test. First i put it off for two weeks because of the fear, then I finally got up the nerve. So then i got my coat and my hat ready, put my shoes on, unlocked my front door, had my phone in one hand to call 911, and epi pen in the other, before drinking the solution while sitting on the floor in front of my door. LOL nothing happened. So after an hour I locked my door, put my coat and hat away, put my epi pen back, took off my shoes and relaxed just a bit and did the rest of the rest of the test with no problems. But I was terrified as I live by myself. Just a day in the life, right? Hahaha.

    I think you are doing the right thing by leaving your current camera club, if my opinion matters. Stress from nasty old bitches is something you just do not need. Especially when you are a member for some small amount of enjoyment that your life allows. Which is not much. Joining a new club will be stressful at first as they are all new people who may not be tolerant to an alien (I always think of myself as an alien when around normal people, as I look the same and act the same on the outside, but I am totally different, so I feel like an alien), who may need to ask for concessions, such as pleas don’t wear perfume or cologne to meetings anymore etc. But hopefully it would end up being worth the trouble of switching as loving your photography is great, but actually getting to share that love with others who feel the same, is much, much better.

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    1. Melanie Odell

      Great idea, but if you are sick almost all the time, it may be to much work and unneeded stress to be the one starting a new club. Organizing people and events is very stressful, and time and energy consuming. Always three things that need a strong consideration for a person with serious chronic medical problems. Especially if you are dealing with ME. Every bit of energy expended is just so precious. It really needs to be worth it.

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