Weekly roundup

Apologies my roundup is a day late.  My period arrived yesterday and I felt like I’d been run over by a bus.  Are they EVER going to stop?!!

I am still feeling emotional following the committee meeting on Thursday.  It’s not rational and I have no clue why suddenly all the old feelings from my marriage and other events from my past have come back when I thought I’d dealt with them donkeys years ago.  It has taught me, however, that I simply can’t be around this one particular person at my Club whose energy I find toxic, so if she is going to be on the committee next year I will resign.  I go to my Club to escape the stresses of a difficult life, not to add to them.

Last week we had a mini heatwave 🙂  February is still winter for us in the UK and this time last year I was blocked in my village by snow for 3 days, however on Tuesday it was 20C and I was walking the dog without a jacket on!  Bonkers, but very welcome.  I used the opportunity to have a good clean out of my garage, which needs substantial repairs.  I now just have to summon up the energy to order the materials and arrange for someone to do the work.

It’s been 3 weeks since my Dad’s CT scan and we’ve had no results or a follow-up appointment to see the neurologist.  We first went to the emergency neurology Clinic on Christmas Eve and it’s now March, yet we are no further forward and he has received no treatment whatsoever despite the onward progression of his severe neuropathy.  I am SO frustrated and increasingly angry, and my poor Dad is at his wit’s end.  So once again I will be ringing the RVI to chase up my Dad’s care.   For 14 months now we have been trying to get a diagnosis and are getting nowhere.  In the meantime my Dad has gone from being able to walk 2 miles to being in a wheelchair.   It’s a sodding disgrace.

Bertie is a very lumpy dog, particularly as he gets older.  He has several warts and lipomas (fatty tumours) that don’t bother him so I just monitor them for any changes.  However, at Christmas I noticed he was constantly scratching his face and I found a little lump which looks different to the others.  I was at the Vets to have this checked on Monday, who doesn’t think the lump is anything nasty and put him on antihistamines to settle the itching, however if it continues to bother him he will have to have it removed.

More worrying is his recent change in behaviour.  On Christmas Day we were eating lunch at my parents’ house and we pulled some crackers.  We do it every year, but this time noticed Bertie had gone awol.  When we’re eating he’s always sat begging by the table for titbits, so the fact he’d done a bunk was unheard of.  We found him backed up in a corner by the front door, obviously petrified by the noise 😦  And since then he seems to be regularly sitting backed up in a corner by the front door when he’s at my folks’ house.  He’s had severe separation anxiety since I adopted him aged 2½ (he’s now 10) but has always been happy to stay with my parents who he absolutely loves.  He usually spends his time lying across the back of the sofa watching out the window and “guarding” his territory.  However, his spinal problem is worse now he’s older and he’s struggling to get up on the back of the settee.   When I’m there I lift him up, but when I’m not neither of my parents are strong enough now to pick him up so I’m wondering if being unable to get up on the sofa to see out of the window and “guard” is making him anxious?   It’s the only thing I can think of, but I’ll mention it to the vet next time I see her.

Speaking of the mutt, he’s currently sat on the back of the sofa in our house, woofing at anything and everything and waiting for me to get dressed and take him out, so I’d better get up and at it.  As I lie here I can see the Pennine Fells and they are covered in snow from head to toe – looks like the heatwave is over and I’m going to need my thermals 😉





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