Weekly roundup

There has been no blog post this week because I’ve had my period and felt like road kill.  Not only has Aunt Flo mowed me down she’s backed up and run over me again, just in case there was a part of my body she didn’t mangle the first time.  Bitch.

I’ve spent a couple of days installing pull out wire baskets in one of my Mum’s kitchen cupboards.  Neither parent can bend down to reach into the back of the bottom cupboards anymore, so I thought a pull out basket would be the solution.  I didn’t think through installing 32 screws in a 30cm wide cupboard but.  My drill didn’t fit as it was too big and I could barely get my arm, let alone my head, in to see what I was doing.  The plus-side to having hEDS has always been my ability to contort myself into awkward positions but as I’ve aged I’ve stiffened up and these days a corpse with rigor mortis has more flexibility.  It was a fight and the cupboard won.

Wednesday evening was our 2nd print competition of the season at Camera Club.  They’re my favourite nights and I was thrilled to wipe the board, getting joint 3rd, joint 2nd and joint 1st with my photos 🙂  My 2nd place photo is of a child bride, and was inspired after reading about the legal age of marriage for girls around the world.  Here in the UK you aren’t trusted to drive a car til you’re 17, you aren’t considered capable of knowing enough to vote til you’re 18 but you can get married and produce another human being when you’re 16 – it makes no fucking sense whatsoever.  In some states of America the legal marriage age for girls is 12 – admittedly you need the permission of a judge, but 12?!  The Koran states that girls are ready for marriage when they reach puberty, which is my case was 11 while I was still at primary school.  In Iran, the legal marriage age for girls is 9.  Needless to say, in most countries the legal age of marriage for boys is much older than it is for girls, yet sex at a young age wouldn’t physically damage them and they aren’t at risk of dying from childbirth.  The way girls are treated makes me FURIOUS.

I received not one but two invitations in the post this week!  I never get invited anywhere by anyone so it’s a real treat.  The first invitation is to a wedding……..in October.  Is it usual to send out wedding invites nearly 9 months in advance?!  The other is to a friend’s surprise 80th birthday tea at a posh hotel and the invite tells me it will cost me £20 payable on the day.  WTF?!  Who has a party and expects the guests to pay for themselves?  I wouldn’t care, but the person hosting the party is loaded.  They retired in 2004 and sold property to the value of £210,000 which they now have sitting in the bank.  I, OTOH, don’t have two beans to rub together but when I had my 50th birthday party I paid for every single thing myself – I wouldn’t have dreamt of expecting my guests to pay for my party themselves.  What are people like?!!

The past couple of weeks it’s been bitterly cold here in the UK and the hay fever which has plagued me since Christmas had disappeared, but the past few days have been milder and it’s back with a vengeance.  As I type this I am sneezing and streaming and my eyeballs are already burning.  To add insult to injury I’m also coughing my head off.  It’s reflux, and stomach acid is getting into my lungs.  I’ve had it for 2 months now and it’s seriously getting me down.  Every breath I take makes me want to cough, my throat and stomach muscles are really sore and I’m utterly exhausted.  I’m allergic to PPIs, H2 blockers and cough suppressants, so my only recourse is Gaviscon and Rennies which I’m eating like they’re Smarties.  They are not working.  In any way.  So between my wayward hormones, hacking cough, streaming nose and burning eyes I’m feeling stupdendously shit and massively sorry for myself.   If I were a dog I would have been compassionately euthanized years ago.

On that cheerful note I shall leave you.  I shall drag on my thermals and take the hound out in air heavy with allergens and despite the fact that the slightest movement makes me cough my exhausted, muzzy head off.   Some days I’m glad to be alive………today is not one of them.


7 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

    1. Jak Post author

      OMG, who knew something like that existed?! If only I’d had one for the drill, one for my arm and one for my neck putting those baskets in would have been a doddle 😀


  1. onesickvet

    Jax, do you wear a mask when you go out into the pollen, etc.? A filtering mask might help a bit, plus it would keep you from inhaling cold air, which would help with the coughing. I use the Vogmask, but there are others that have replaceable filters which might be more economical over time.


  2. d

    Hi Jak, I was thinking a mask might help you as well. I wear one in the spring when the pollen is too high, if there is someone raking up a dust storm or if I am about to tackle a really dusty area. Look for ones that are rated N95 (although you may need to see if that rating is the same in the UK, could be different than N. Am). Most disposable ones you can wear for a designated number of hours so it’s not one use and it’s done, unless you’re wearing it for an extended period of time. I’ve found generic hardware store masks don’t fit my face, so I look for ones that are sized and purchase the small.


  3. melody

    Oh, sorry to hear, Jak, I can so relate to the pollen and GERD issues.
    I think masks are really helpful too, I use N95 masks for seasonal outside day use and have a comfy lightweight organic cotton one for night time/sleep use when even my good room air filter doesn’t help enough (i.e., forest fire season), but I have asthma and pretty severe particulate and chemical sensitivities.
    For any exerting, even walking, if you have any kind of congestion you might want to have a mask that has a little pop-out air valve filter by the mouth, it helps to breathe through it. The best N95 ones do, it looks like N95 is also available in the UK.
    If you want greater breathing help, I also recommend a mask with a moldable wire nose piece and/or side sealing. There is a tradeoff of comfort with better sealing, though.



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