Weekly roundup

I’ve had a fairly quiet week for a change and it’s been nice to relax and have some time to myself.  I had a pleasant day on Monday going up the lakes with my friend for his birthday – he was widowed 2 years ago and is still grieving for his wife, so I was happy he’d asked me out rather than moping around on his own at home.

Wednesday evening I’d agreed to do two talks at my Camera Club on various types of software.  Whenever I commit to doing something I worry myself stupid in case I’m ill on the day and have to pull out, but I was fine and it went really well, including good-hearted banter from the audience,   I was finally presented with my certificate for achieving the DPAGB back in November by an official from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, who also asked if I’d be guest speaker at his Camera Club in Carlisle next season which was flattering 🙂

I felt physically great at the start of the week, but rubbish by the end of it.  My brain fog today is ridiculous, every part of my body is aching and I have the energy of a zombie.  I’m currently on day 32 of my cycle so am wondering if I’m going to skip a period this time as it’s so late.  All this uncertainty, and not knowing when or if Aunt Flo is going to put in an appearance, is doing my nut in.

I spoke to the GP about my Dad.  His last B12 test twelve months ago was fine, so low B12 is clearly not the cause of his neuropathy.  She’s put him on amitriptylene for his aching leg pain and, being as though he’s also understandably a bit low, I’m hoping it will help.  She also said he most definitely should be tested for Lyme disease, so has arranged for him to have a blood test this week.  To be fair to her, she takes everything I say on board and if I request a test or referral she’s usually more than happy to agree.

I’ve had time to work on another photograph this week.  I live right next to a little village Church, which luckily is still open to the public all day.  Hardly anyone goes in the winter, so I’m able to take my camera in there and have done several photos inside.  As a teenager I seriously considered becoming a Nun but I would have been disastruous at it, on account of the fact I hate being told what to do 😉  I hope no-one is offended by my picture which I’m calling Disobedient – it was simply inspired by my story.



8 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. That Other Jean

    Glad you had a good week, and things went well with your camera club, even if you were exhausted by the end of the week. Congrats on finally getting your certificate delivered, and an invitation to be guest speaker next season. Did you accept?

    I hope your father doesn’t have Lyme disease. That stuff is nasty. Good that he’s getting tested, though.

    I like your “Disobedient” photograph, but I absolutely love “Reading by Candlelight.” I love all the subtle tones of brown, the contrast with the white of the blouse and the candle–I love everything about it. Well done!


    1. Jak Post author

      Hi Jean

      Yes, I did accept the invitation. I love talking about photography, so I’ll take any chance to have a captive audience for 2 hours LOL!

      Thanks for the kind comments on my photos 🙂

      Jak x


  2. melody

    I love your nun photograph, Jak. Congratulations on the continuing photographic recognition!
    Here’s to a not-so-very-obedient spirit! They say it bodes well for longer life if we don’t necessarily do what doctors prescribe (instead exercising good discernment about suggested diagnoses/treatments). It’s always nice when a doctor uses their discernment on their patients’ issues, too. I hope your Dad’s doctors do and get him on track for some helpful medical work.



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