Weekly roundup

I’ve found this week physically quite tough.  I have been ovulating and it’s now become as painful as my actual period.  I have felt nauseous for 4 days, to the point where I can barely eat.  My entire insides hurt – my ovaries hurt, my bowel hurts, my stomach hurts, my bumhole hurts (I know, TMI!) and I have sharp stinging pains into my pubic bone.   I pray to God every day to make my periods, and therefore my endometriosis, stop but so far He’s not listening (he’s a man, what can you expect?).  To add insult to injury I have had wicked hay fever for a month, with very sore eyes and a sneezy, itchy bunged up but runny nose.  Both my best mate and I have been getting hay fever in December for about the past three years and we can’t work out why.  The theory is that you’re secretly allergic to dust mites, or your pets, and because you have all your windows shut in the winter it makes the allergy worse but I don’t buy it.  I close my windows against bad weather around the end of October, but I don’t get hay fever until usually the week before Xmas and it lasts well into January.  I am allergic to pine trees (just touching them brings me out in a rash), so I’m wondering if it’s because of all the Xmas trees which are cut down, displayed, then shredded?

Tuesday night was the last evening of our beginner’s photography class, which we hold monthly during the winter.  I help teach the class, along with two other Camera  Club colleagues, which I enjoy but oh boy does it take it out of me and to be fair I’m glad it’s over with for another year.  Doing anything after 4pm in the afternoon simply kills me.

After two months of wrangling with my insurance company over my tiny little car prang we finally agreed a settlement, which means I can trade-in my current car and pick my new car up this week.  I am so excited!  However, today I need to clean the inside of my current car out.  Bending is really painful for my back and hips, and trying to hoover all the nooks and crannies when my left shoulder and rib are already stupidly sore will not be fun.  These are the times when having a Husband would come in handy 😉

The reason my back, hips, ribs and shoulder are currently so painful is that I did something about my New Year’s Resolution.  I accepted that I am not going to find the house of my dreams any time soon with the money I have so I decided to revamp my spare bedroom and dedicate it to all things photographic.  I’ve approached my neighbour to buy a tiny piece of waste land he owns at the top of my drive and if I can put a large shed on there I can move all my stuff-that-I-don’t-want-to-get-rid-of (like my spare bed) in there out of the way.  So far, though, he’s ignored my letter and I have all my stuff-that-I-don’t-want-to-get-rid-of piled in a corner of my lounge!

Three months ago the outside intruder light on the side of my house stopped working.  It happens regularly, so I decided to replace the ancient light with a new LED one.  All the wiring was there it was simply a matter of switching the lights over which would take about 20 minutes, but could I get an electrician to come and do such a tiny little job?  That would be a big, fat no and I have been stumbling around outside in the dark for yonks.  My cousin’s husband is an electrician but he’s been poorly so I didn’t feel I could ask him, however I heard this week that he was feeling much better so I asked him over and he did it no problem (and didn’t charge me, thank God as I’m skint).

We still haven’t heard from the hospital about my Dad’s lumbar puncture.  He was seen by the emergency clinic so I’ve no idea why we’re having to wait so long – it’s yet something else I’m going to have to chase up *sigh*.

I honestly thought I had nothing much on in the New Year and would have a restful January to recharge my very depleted batteries.  No such luck.  Life constantly throws curve balls at me and I just live in a permanent state of absolute and utter exhaustion.  This year I am determined to have an actual holiday – I think it’s the only way I will be able to have a proper rest away from the demands of running a home and caring for my parents.  I’d better start saving!



4 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Sarah

    I’ve been watching celebrity 5 go camping on channel 5. It has had me in stitches. I watched the other 2, one where they are using campervans and the other, boats like on the Norfolk broads in France. It’s got me thinking if it’s manageable with someone with a chronic condition or disabilities. At least if you’re exhausted, you can to back to bed. I’m still very weak and wobbly but it would be nice to have something to look forward to and not staring at the mess that is my home. (Over 3 years mainly in bed does that but I still feel that I’ve let myself down. Silly eh!)

    Happy new year by the way 🙂



    1. Jak Post author

      My friend, who has ME, won a £30,000 camper van in a competition Sarah. Although she has used it for holidays she says it would be better if a healthy person were with her to do things like empty the chemical toilet and help get the van connected to water and electric. She also found it hard to go anywhere because the van is difficult to park in a supermarket car park for example, or in most public car parks because it’s so big (why do they make spaces so small in the UK?!), so she felt a bit stuck on the camp site.

      My best mates parents actually live on a barge – have done for years. It’s bloody hard work for a healthy person so not sure how a sick person would manage.

      Wouldn’t it be nice to have the money to rent a holiday cottage that also had a housemaid & cook? Some hope! x


  2. thepsychiccow

    I have had wicked hay fever all through Xmas and new year. Sneezed so much last week I pulled a muscle in my lower back. 😬 it’s weird and I live in the countryside miles away from pine or fir Xmas trees. I had it down to the exceptionally mild weather? Who knows. 🤷‍♀️Xx


    1. Jak Post author

      I feel for you! However, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. When you say you have hayfever in January people look at you like you’re bonkers x



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