Weekly roundup

Blimey, I’ve had a bit of a week and don’t quite know where to start!   On the plus side my recent really bad pain flare, including all the violent, stinging nerve pain, has disappeared as quickly as it arrived but on the negative side I am on day 5 of a migraine and am just about demented.  I’m also still waking every sodding morning at 4.15am, the lack of sleep is now getting old and I am starting to get proper grumpy.  But other than that I’m tickety boo and my energy levels are remarkably good 🙂

My Dad’s heart results finally came back and all is fine, which is great but we are still in the dark as to what is causing his neck pressure, muzzy heads, dizzy/vomiting episodes, fatigue and severe bi-lateral hand spasms so I took him to see his GP.  She thinks the episodes are migraine and has given him some tryptans – what tosh.  My Dad is 79 and has never had a headache in his entire life.  These episodes don’t contain head pain and no-one starts with severe migraine out of the blue aged nearly 80.  She said the hand spasms, which are so bad my Dad can’t pick a cup up, are just “cramp”.  WTF?!  No-one gets cramp in their hands that badly and cramp doesn’t appear bi-laterally.  He needs a neck scan, having had a large lipoma taken off his neck several years ago but told it was embedded in his spinal cord and they couldn’t get it all out – I’m fairly sure it’s been growing all this time and is now pressing on nerves.  I honestly wonder what planet GPs are on.

Thursday was a BIG day.  I discovered I am one of only 60 photographers in the entire country to have been selected by the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain to have one of my photos exhibited in a London gallery.  O-M-flippin-G!!!  So I have applied for a disabled person’s railcard and will be making the 300 mile journey down to the Big Smoke in December to the opening.  How totally exciting!  It’s just a shame that out of the 50 members of my club only 6 congratulated me.  People want you to do well, just not too well.  Jealousy is a horrible emotion.

I was still high as a kite on Friday from the news and had a lovely lunch with my 3 old codger friends from the Club who were all delighted for me.  When I came home I backed up my drive to swing into my garage………..and hit a fucking car which was illegally parked.  As I’ve mentioned before, there is a business at the end of my drive and his customers continually park in my private driveway, partly blocking my garage.  I’ve been telling him for three years they are not allowed to park in my drive but he does nothing to stop them.  It makes me LIVID, particularly as they get grumpy with me when I ask them to move their sodding vehicle!  So it’s costing me my excess of £150 to get the damage to my car sorted and of course my premium next year will rocket.  If the stupid woman hadn’t been blocking my garage in the first place it would never have happened.

I honestly feel I am never allowed to be happy.  The second something nice happens in my life you can guarantee something shit will follow.  It’s really wearing.

On that cheerful note I am off to risk taking some ibuprofen as my right eye feels like it’s bulging out of its socket and I currently feel too nauseous to eat breakfast.  Bertie’s back is also sore this morning so he’s had to have extra paracetomol.  What a pair we are, but I still think Bert gets the better deal – every morning he lies blissfully on his back and gets his tummy rubbed, but when I ask him to massage my stiff neck he just rolls over and goes to sleep! 😉



4 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Hilary Waugh

    Hi Jak, so sorry if I am blindly missing the joke – but paracetamol is highly toxic for dogs. My dog was poisoned (and killed) many years ago – she started vomiting, her blood platelets went off the scale and she felt terribly ill and died within 48hrs. The vet did toxicology tests which didn’t come back in time to save her but he told me he thought it was either paracetamol or rat poison. I really do hope you have a better day and your migraine disappears. Best regards, Hilary


    1. Jak Post author

      Hi Hilary

      Thanks for your concern but the paracetomol has been prescribed by his Vet – Pardale V is regularly prescribed for dogs. He has been on it daily for 2 years now. So sorry to hear what happened to your dog 😦 Paracetomol overdose is, of course, a killer for both dogs and humans.



      1. Hilary Waugh

        Hi Jak, thanks so much for your reply. I’m so sorry for my sad post – but I am relieved that your doggie is safe and on prescribed doses. 🙂 I actually didn’t realise that dogs could have panadol at all after what happened to me – and now I’ve learned something. PS I am LOVING your blog and learning heaps along the way! Thanks!!! 🙂 Hilary


        1. Jak Post author

          I’m just so sad to hear about what happened to your dog Hilary 😦 Bertie once ate loads of rat poison, but I saw him do it and immediately got him to the vets for his stomach pumped – it was one of the worst days of my life, so I can’t image what it was like for you.

          Metacam is the most used painkiller for dogs, but it makes Bertie vomit so he’s on the pardale-V (paracetomol + codeine) instead. You can also just give them Junior Calpol liquid from the chemist or supermaket, about 5mg twice a day for a 10kg dog but making sure it doesn’t contain sweetners (my Vet said it’s fine to do this and is much cheaper than getting Pardale-V from them on prescription!) x



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