Weekly roundup

I’m still buzzing after being contacted by the researchers from Hong Kong about their histamine testing app.  Victor, from the technical team, has emailed to say the latest prototype is out at the end of the month and he’ll send me that to try, so fingers crossed.  I was worried that my phone runs on Windows and most apps are for Android and Apple, but he said that should be fine.  I think they have cloud storage where I submit the results, but I’ll wait to hear more about what I have to do when I receive the sensors.  Their press release says the device measures “up to 100ppm” for histamine, but I don’t know if that means 0-100ppm (which would be most beneficial for us) or 100-infinity – after all they are looking at spoiling foods – so will have to wait and see.  Please God may it work and we can finally know for sure which foods we can safely eat.

I’ve had the builders in this week and it’s been torture.  They’ve been re-rendering the side of my neighbour’s house but had to be in my garden to do it.  I also had my patio re-grouted, but am not happy – now it’s dry there is grouting all on the edges of my tiles.  The grouting is white and my tiles are charcoal grey slate – it looks a right sodding mess 😦

My electric company have taken the complete piss this week.  I’m £280 in credit and am paying them over £100 a month for my fuel, yet they emailed this week to say they are taking another £100 out of my account!  Er, why?!  Their reason was “with the beast from the East this spring you may have used more fuel than normal and we’re worried you will use more fuel than you’re paying for this winter”.  They failed to mention we’ve had the hottest summer since 1976 and I’ve used less fuel for the past 3 months.  And unless they have psychic powers they can’t possibly know what the weather will be like this winter – it could be the warmest on record!  As it is I’m so much in credit I’ve already paid for my fuel until January, so I’ve made a formal complaint and said if they take a penny out of my account without my authorization I’ll report them to the Ombudsman.  Fucking robbers.

I’m now on day 57 of my cycle with no visit from Aunt Flo.  I’m still sleeping badly though, have rumbling period pain and my migraines have been ridiculous.  In fact, I’ve felt absolutely rubbish all week and my energy levels are zero.  My bestie came for a visit on Thursday and I was telling her the only bright spot was that my mood has been great all things considered – I forgot the Gods were listening.  Yesterday I was like a bear with a sore arse all day and then last night burst into tears for no reason.  This morning I’ve woken feeling proper poorly and unable to cope with any of it for another second.  Fucking hormones………they’re the gift that keeps on giving.

My Dad has been particularly unwell the past few weeks and despite having his 4 day holter monitor done a month ago, and his echocardiogram done over a fortnight ago, we have had no results from Cardiology.  I rang his GP this week to chase it all up and she’d heard nothing either, so suggested I contact the Cardio’s secretary at the hospital directly.  She told me the results could take 6-8 weeks, despite the fact I knew both results were already on my Dad’s file because I’d checked with the scanning department!! I told her it wasn’t good enough as my Dad keeps collapsing and she eventually agreed to make the consultant write to us with the results some time this week – why is every single thing such a fight? *sigh*

Sorry for such a grumpy arsed post but I’m feeling lonely, totally fed up and absolutely sick and tired of being sick and tired.  The prospect of spending yet another Sunday in my bed on my tod with nothing to do and feeling like death warmed up is monumentally unappealing and the jobs in my house are piling up with no prospect of me currently being well enough to tackle any of them, which is making me stressed.  I am still able to appreciate the fact that it’s Autumn here in the north of England, however, and how pretty everything is looking – here is one of the ‘main’ roads into my village this week – I realize every day of my life how lucky I am to live where I do 🙂





2 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

  1. Teri

    Sorry you are having to endure so many frustrating troubles, Jak. I hear similar stories from my widowed mom. She lives in another town and I feel guilty I cannot be of more help to her /:
    I also feel more profound “sick & tired of being sick & tired-ness” lately. I actually made the remark to my husband last week, which I have never done before. I shouldn’t even mention it because you have been sick much longer than I have, so my remark seems a bit whiny in comparison!
    The good news is that I’m pretty sure I’ve sorted out the cause of my ME. The chemotherapy I had is a big time neurotoxin. In my sensitive system I think it was a really bad mix. So, I have a little more peace of mind, instead of wondering WTH happened to me.
    Wishing for smoother sailing for you now. The picture is gorgeous :]]

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  2. That Other Jean

    What a beautiful photograph! Our autumn leaves are just turning brown and falling off the trees. Apparently we had too much rain. Of course, they did the same last year, and the weather folks blamed it on not enough rain. Maybe next year. . .

    I don’t have any idea why, but don’t things always go wrong in life when you’re feeling the worst? At least they seem to in mine. I hope your life straightens out soon.



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