Testing for Histamine – BIG news!

I was lying in bed this morning listening to BBC Breakfast news.  They were doing a review of the newspapers and my ears pricked up when they started talking about a mobile phone sensor which could test to see if a food is off or not.   I know enough to realize that food goes off because it produces biogenic amines, of which histamine is one, and I was suddenly sitting bolt upright in bed feeling very excited!

Unfortunately the news presenter didn’t say which paper the article was in, so I simply Googled ‘phone sensor histamine 2018’ and found the research the piece was based on, which is taking place at the City University of Hong Kong.  The researchers were looking mainly at ways to test for spoiled foods, but I wanted them to know there was a huge world-wide patient population desperate for a way to easily test for histamine in foods because they suffered from either HIT, MCAD or both so I emailed the lead researcher A. L. Roy Vellaisamy PhD to briefly explain about us all and tell him how vital his device could be for us.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when, just a few hours later and on a Sunday, Roy mailed me back to say he’d read my blog and learned loads about how big an issue histamine in foods is for us.  Not only that, but he asked if I’d be willing to test his mobile sensor as they were trying to fine tune the device.  Is The Pope Catholic?!  Of course I’d like to test the device!!  Being able to test for histamine in foods on a mobile phone would revolutionize not only my, but most of your, lives.

I’m now just waiting to hear back about the logistics and what I’d have to do – I’ll keep you posted 😀




11 thoughts on “Testing for Histamine – BIG news!

  1. Glo

    This would be so amazing!! No more itching rashes or nausea!! Hope it works. Please keep us posted. Very exciting and so great that someone listened. Thank you for all the things you do to help all the rest of us. You’re the best!

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  2. Jill Jarvis

    Fabulous news! And to help with the actual testing results is phenomenal. Hope you get the mobile sensor asap. I’m well chuffed for you. 🙂 xx


  3. d

    That’s so great! Good for you for looking into it and contacting the researcher. How awesome that he took the time to get more informed. Looking forward to hearing about what happens next.

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  4. Karen, The Walking Allergy

    A couple of years ago I saw a concept device that attached to smart phones, could analyze the content of the food. I think I even ordered one through their kickstarter campaign, but I have no idea when it could come to fruition. This could well be the same one. I remember thinking what a boon it would be for people with allergies- you could get a full list of what is actually in food before you eat it. It would re-open the world of restaurants for many. For me, imagine detecting smoke in the air BEFORE I take off my mask… It’s exciting to see tech that is designed for something else be so suitable for something they probably never thought of!


    1. Jak Post author

      There seems to be several different kinds of devices currently being tested Karen that all look for different things. I saw one that tested for traces of peanuts for example. My friend, who is Coeliac, said wouldn’t it be fantastic to have one that tests for gluten!

      This device only tests for histamine and formaldehyde, but as I only care about histamine that suits me fine x



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