Weekly roundup

My life has hit an all time low this week.  I’ve had to buy hemorrhoid cream.  Fifty years of straining to give birth to ginormous poo courtesy of my overly stretchy bowel has finally taken its toll and I now have a slimy, ridiculously itchy grape hanging out of my bum.  Somebody shoot me 😉

The entire week has been taken up with photography-related gubbins, so apologies if this post bores you all rigid.  Tuesday night saw the return of our monthly beginner’s workshops and I teach the opening class.  It was full and I think it went well despite the fact my voice was still struggling a bit from doing the Scottish talk the week before.

Wednesday night was our first league competition of the new season at Camera Club and I’m delighted to say I won joint first place with myself for my Raven Tower picture and the selfie I called ‘Behind the Veil’.  I was chatting to the judge afterwards and she said:
“the lady in the scarf is beautiful, who is it?”
“Me!” I replied.
So she looks at me with my glasses on, my grey roots showing, my wrinkles and turkey neck and the fact I hadn’t even brushed my hair that night and replied, shocked “really?!  Are you sure?”
Er, what was she trying to say exactly? PMSL 😀
“Yeah, thank God for Photoshop and the fact it takes 30 years off me!”
To be fair I don’t look anything like I do in my selfies in real life – I’m 51 not 21 😉

I think I may have mentioned the fact that I’ve decided to go for my next photographic distinction and the deadline for submissions is 22nd of this month.  It’s taken the entire summer to decide which fifteen photos to use, get outside opinions on how to improve them, get them perfect, print them off and then I’ve spent three days this week mounting them onto 50 x 40cm board.  I’m finally done and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders!

Of course, all this activity lately has sucked every ounce of energy I possess from every cell in my body and I now feel like road kill.  My histamine levels are really high and I need some down time over the next couple of months to stabilize my health.  Not only that, but I’ve been neglecting my parents a fair bit and poor Bertie has had to come and plonk his bum on the keyboard in order to get himself noticed.

I have now gone 50 days without a period, hurrahhhhhh!!!!!  I still have daily, low level period pain though, backache and I’m seriously not sleeping but for the first time in 40 years this month I’ve been spared excruciating endo-related period pain and for that I am truly thankful 🙂





6 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

    1. Jak Post author

      I would imagine so. My bowel stretches way too much and I produce huge poos which I struggle to pass and it’s usually strain which causes hemorrhoids. However, many healthy young women get them after pregnancy and healthy middle aged people can be prone to them too.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Helen

    ‘Are you sure?’ 😂😂😂😂
    ‘Um, no, come to think of it, I did hire a model that day. It completely slipped my mind’ 🙄


  2. Helen

    Also…. Popping this here, because I can’t find a way to privately message you (don’t blame you for that, lol), so please forgive me that I’m adding this to an unrelated post…

    Like you, (but not to your extent) ive been battling for around 30 years with lots and lots of this sort of nonsense. (That migraine gif was brilliant btw, I’ll have to show it to my OH so he gets what I’m on about!)

    Anyhow, long story short, as sceptical as I am after spending thousands over the years trying to find a magic bullet, I think I’ve found something that is helping my body to help itself, and, as I feel for you so much – as a kindred spirit – I’m sorry, but I just have to say please take a look?

    It’s a recently developed, inert (so doesn’t biologically ineract with our biochemistry and therefore shouldn’t create a reaction) heavy metals detox product. Yeah, I know, here we go. But, honestly, I’ve been in one of their distributors Facebook groups for a few weeks now, and some of the posts by other members are jaw dropping. Who knew how many weird and wonderful symptoms could be created by heavy metals build up in our bodies – not me, apparently!

    Anyhow doll, couldn’t not mention it just in case it could help some of your stuff? I’m on week 2 (and started veeeerrrry gently), so too early for me to report anything too specific, but like I say, other people are having amazing gains.

    Here’s the Facebook page for this big group. There’s a separate one for a lady in the U.K. who orders in bulk to help us U.K. customers pay reduced customs costs etc (because, of course, it’s made in the US) which I can direct you to if you’re interested. You can also google and YouTube it, look for TRS Advanced Detox Spray xxx


    PS I absolutely am not a seller of this!



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