Weekly roundup

It’s Sunday again.  I swear there’s a time thief living in my house!

Monday was a BIG day.  Three old codgers from my Camera Club were going on a day out to Beamish living museum and had asked me along.  I’d never been but it’s a 90 minute drive away and we would be there until 4pm so although I really wanted to go I was worried it would all be too much.  However, I reasoned if I woke up that morning feeling crap I could cancel and if I went but conked I could always go back to the car and lie down, so I decided to risk it.  Beamish covers a large area and I had no clue how I’d cope with getting around but discovered there are free trams and a wheelchair friendly bus, plus they’d made the ground wheelchair/scooter friendly for the most part so actually it was fine.  An interesting day was had by all though I admit I felt proper rough on the journey home and my hips still haven’t forgiven me.

It took me a few days to get over the trip, during which time I had a migraine so bad it felt like someone was in my brain with a pick axe, but on Thursday I felt sufficiently recovered to meet my bezzie for a picnic lunch and to go on a dragonfly hunt in a local nature reserve.  The weather was glorious, if a little too hot, and I sat mesmerized for a couple of hours watching the dragonflies going about their busy little business, which appeared to involve lots of mating then sitting on grass stems to recover 😉  Nature is simply wonderful.

My right thumb, which I subluxed 10 weeks ago and which has been strapped up along with my wrist ever since, seems to finally be on the mend though the nerves are obviously still damaged as it’s still numb to the touch.  There were times I thought it was never going to get better but I forget how long ligaments take to heal and I just needed to be patient.  It’s a relief to finally have the tape off though cos it itched me like a son-of-a-bitch.

Y’know I said in last week’s roundup that I’d entered the Edinburgh International photography Salon and had all 8 of my images rejected so was feeling a bit deflated?  Well, things turned around this week when I discovered I’d won my first exhibition medals at the Midlands International Salon, including a Gold from the Royal Photographic Society with an image which Edinburgh had rejected!  It just shows how arbitrary art is.  That the RPS, arguably one of the most prestigious photography organizations in the world, gave me a gold and other judges didn’t even give me a pass mark for the same photo is bonkers!  You have to do what makes you happy and if other people like it fine and if they don’t that’s also fine.  Receiving a gold medal has really given me a boost and four days on I’m still buzzing 🙂

I’ve been working on two images this week.  One involved being dressed as a Nun which didn’t work in any way, but I’m happy enough with this one.  I’m calling it ‘Raven Tower’ even though it’s not a Raven in the picture but a Rook – I won’t tell anyone if you don’t 😉  My right hand was still strapped for this picture hence the gloves which I thought were an ingenious cover up!

I’m enjoying dressing up for my photos a little bit too much and often prance round the house in my costumes just for the hell of it 😉  Thinking about it the other day I concluded that my real life is so limited and my personality is so constrained by my illnesses that the selfies in my photos give me the opportunity to be anyone I like in any situation I like.  I’m currently working on a picture where I’m an Arabian princess riding a white stallion in the desert and I can almost taste the freedom of that when I’m creating the image.  We all need some escapism when illness leave us largely bed or housebound, particularly if that continues for many years, and I feel very lucky to have found a way to break free of my shackles.  The only time I left the house when making the picture above was to visit a nearby castle to phograph the turret – the moon, sky, bird and me were all taken in my bedroom!


6 thoughts on “Weekly roundup

    1. Jill Jarvis

      Great photo and absolutely huge congratulations on winning your first (believe me I’m sure you’ll win many more) Gold RPS award. Fantastic news!! xx


  1. d

    Congratulations on winning the gold in the photography competition! You are right, judging is often quite arbitrary so keep submitting regardless. Glad to hear your ligament is on the mend. Loved the photo from the museum. It reminded me of a painting.



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